Annie Lennox: Children Are “Not Your Property”

Eurythmics frontwoman Annie Lennox, 57, has always been fiercely protective of her personal life during interviews. While she’s rarely spoken publicly of her two daughters – Tali, 18, and 22-year-old Lola (pictured above) – the legendary singer recently talked to The Guardian about her views on motherhood.

Having children, they’re not your property,” Annie said. “They need to figure out their own views. I think my daughters have a pretty healthy self-awareness but I can’t speak on their behalf.”

The mom-of-two – who dominated the music charts for years with hits such as Sweet Dreams, Why and Walking on Broken Glass – weighed in on current hitmakers Rihanna and Chris Brown.

“Here is a young woman who has been through domestic violence and she could become a tremendous spokesperson for that issue but the choice is hers,” Annie, a proud feminist said. “It’s not up to anybody else to do that.”

Of course if she did choose to do that it would be so f*cking powerful but it’s her personal right to choose it or not,” Annie continued. “We all have our issues and we have to deal with them in our own way.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Thursday (March 8), Annie went on to encourage a re-evaluation of the word ‘feminism.’

“I’m appalled the word feminism has been denigrated to a place of almost ridicule and I very passionately believe the word needs to be revalued and reintroduced with power and understanding that this is a global picture. It isn’t about us and them,” Annie said.

Annie’s recent campaigning – on HIV/Aids for example – has focused on difficulties experienced in the developing world.

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You may not own them, but it wouldn’t hurt to buy them a pair of pants occasionally.


Please, you have no right to judge anyone. How would you feel is someone judged you? Leave them alone.


This is an actual amazing article about parenting and feminism. Can we not devolve into comments about her daughter’s style of dress.


Yes, I agree, because I always head straight to celebritybabyscoop when I’m looking to have a serious discussion on feminism and parenting. It’s the first thing I do after reading about the length of Bronx Mowgli’s hair, whether Snooki’s having a boy or a girl and whether Jessica Alba has engineered yet another photo-op.


Who’s Bronx Mowgli? Snooki?

Aww…I’m in that sweet age where I can ignore the celebrity media because I don’t relate to any of them .. with the exception of awesome artists such as Annie Lennox. I respect her as an artist and a mom.

And who cares what Lola’s wearing? At least her snatch is covered and she’s healthy looking!!


I totally agree with you. People need to stop judging others and looking for excuses to harm other people. We all have our faults, what does her daughter’s style of dress have to do with Annie’s views. People need to get a life.


The women who constantly belittle and harass every parenting decision made by celebrities will never even read this article because there’s no “juice” to it. That’s a shame, because they could learn a thing or two.


I agree with you. Women are so vile and jealous at times. I’m a 17 year old female and that’s ALWAYS been the problem I have with women…instead of helping and learning from other women they’re so quick to bash them…why are they so jealous? This is why I prefer spending time with guys, they’re not so judgemental.