Jessica Simpson Bares Her Bump, Confirms It’s A Girl

Jessica Simpson, 31, joins the ranks of celebrities who have bared their bumps on the cover of a magazine and also confirms to ELLE that she’s having a girl! In a series of pregnancy pics, including one with fiancé Eric Johnson, Jess opens up about their “nontraditional” baby name, taking the tabloid brutality in stride and her hopes for her daughter-on-the-way.

On hopes for her daughter’s sense of style: “Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins! Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this ath-a-letic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping.”

On their baby name: “It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. Still, when people hear it, they’ll know … why.”

On taking tabloid brutality in stride: “I’m still standin’,” she drawls. “I grew up very strong! You know, my father used to be an adolescent therapist. I remember sitting at his office, watching the girls walkin’ in and out. Kids doin’ coke at 16…heroin. Pregnant at 14. I could see what I didn’t want to be.”

On her body subconsciously telling her she was pregnant: “We were goin’ to have an all-day drinking binge,” Simpson says, not shy about saying so. “Gonna ride our bikes, hang out…do naughty things. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

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Is Jessica your favorite cover girl so far?

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Photo credit: Elle

  • Anonymous

    Airbrushed much? And what’s with the drawl? I haven’t really heard her talk before, is her accent super thick? Oh well congrats…curious what the name will be!

    • sydney

      i bet the name is daisy. remember, it was her dog that died? that’s my guess, since she said people will know why she picked it

    • anonymous

      I’d beg to be airbrushed too if I gained as much weight as she has. And no her accent isn’t as horrible as they made it seem, they just made themselves look really ignorant.

  • Courtney

    @Anon that’s the way a southerner speaks and Jessica is from Richardson Texas. as far as airbrushing goes that’s always happens in magazines and especially for pregnant celebs as your likely to have acne and skin discoloration issues due to pregnancy. congrats to Jessica and Eric on the fast approaching birth of their daughter bet she’s gonna be a beauty like her mom

    • Anonymous

      Ummm I know that. The poster below said it perfectly…the magazine made her sound like a hick.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no way she looks that good, we’ve seen all the other photos of her on this site and she’s huge. Way to photoshop a pregnant woman, ELLE.
    Also, why would the writers include her hick accent, at least use proper English for a written interview.
    And so what if her daughter does want to wear Nikes, she’s not a doll to be dressed up, she’s a human who is inevitably going to have her own tastes and right to express herself.
    I already feel bad for this little girl and she’s not even here yet.

    • Anabelle

      I agree with every point you made. x

      • Anonymous

        I agree, she must have threatened or paid Elle some serious cash for photoshopping that picture because in other pictures of her she looks HUGE and to boot she had the worst fashion style when she wasn’t pregnant and her pregnancy fashions are even worse. She also mentioned wanted to look like Jessica Alba post pregnancy…..tip for your Jess see if Elle has some magical airbrushing you can use for every day life.

  • maddy

    I think she looks great, I also think that this cover was shot at least a couple months ago like all big covers, so bear that in mind.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful pics and so obviously PHOTOSHOPPED. Also, wonder what the name will be…

  • anonymousk

    I am happy for her. She seems like a nice person. I think she will be a fun mom. Of course it’s photoshopped, who cares? Everything is photoshopped. Heck, when we do family pictures I photoshop myself because I don’t want to look back on family pictures and see my bad skin or extra fat roll. That’s not something I wanna hang on my wall, and I’m pretty sure most women feel that way unless they have smoking hot bodies.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding? If you seriously would look at a family photo and focus on extra fat rolls or bad skin, you have major issues.

      • anonymousk

        Obviously both of you have never got your pictures taken by professional photographers, which I am by the way. I have news for you. They ALL photoshop your pictures, because guess what? THAT’S WHAT SELLS! When I say I photoshop myself for family pictures, I’m talking about the ones that go up on my wall. 95% of the people that I photograph ASK me to photoshop them. So quit being catty and acting like wanting to look good in a photograph is wrong!

        • Anonymous

          Nobody said it was “wrong”. They said it was “vain”. There’s a difference.

          And if 95% of your clients (ALL women, I’m sure) are asking you to photoshop them, then I feel sorry for all of you. Stop acting like I’m wrong!

          • anonymousk

            I’m still going to have to disagree with you that it is vain. There is NOTHING wrong with a woman wanting to look back at photographs and feel beautiful. Seriously you would want a picture of you with zits all over your face on your wall? Obviously you are either a man or have a perfect body. What’s SAD is people like you that come on sites like these and try and make women feel bad about themselves. You are obviously the one with issues.

    • Anonymouse

      You seriously photoshop yourself in family pics? ????? That is the vainest thing I have ever heard. So sad.

  • Heather

    Awe she looks beautiful, and like what a real woman looks like when she’s very pregnant! If I took a photo like that it darn well better be airbrushed – jeez people!! Every photo shoot is airbrushed now. She will be a fabulous mommy because she’s happy and so ready for this stage in her life. It won’t surprise me if she names her Daisy!

  • Ebonita

    I don’t think putting “ah”s instead of Is was necessary. And it feels rude and condescending. Especially that “she drawls” part. It adds nothing to the interview to know she has a southern accent. Most pople know how she sounds and can guess well enough how she might have sounded saying those words anyway. I’m all for artful expression in language. And I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with her sounding like, as other have rudely put it, a hick. I just question the motives behind the writer’s choice. ELLE editors would’ve done better to question the writer of that article.

    That said she seems so pretentious and arrogant. goodness. From the judgment of her father’s former patients to the shoes thing. Ugh.

    All that said she looks lovely. Airbrushed or not she’s a gorgeous woman.

  • amy

    anyone else creeped out by the similarities between eric and dane cook? WEIRD.

  • Justalark

    As a college English prof, I have to agree about the writers’ and editors’ questionable decision to attempt to reproduce Jessica’s Southern dialect in a fashion magazine interview! As another commentor pointed out, Jessica Simspon is not a recluse; we know how the former reality star sounds when she talks! Also, the photos are adorable, but it looks like she is wearing a diaper in that third photo (I actually had to take a second look)! LOL

  • anonymous

    Wow, can someone translate this hillbilly writing? Whoever typed this interview out should be fired.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It’s completely bizarre!

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s airbrushed!! What magazine cover photo isn’t??! Obviously this was taken a couple of months ago too.

  • Rosy

    I’m guessing she’s going to name her daughter Daisy.

  • Anonymous

    sick of her.

  • SallyAnn

    Ugh. All kinds of wrong here! Apparently the person interviewing here thought they must have drawn the short straw & therefore tried to make her look like an idiot with the, “Ah’s” instead of I’s and “she drawled”. She is a Southern-Bell-esque girl, of course she drawls! It’s part of her “image”. I agree with the previous comments said about feeling sorry for the daughter already (a lot of people hope & pray they have a daughter they can relate to i.e. Girly or “ath-a-letic”, but the difference is that if the daughter turns out to be the exact opposite, they won’t make her feel lousy about it. Unlike Jessica & this article. Also agreed that the third picture looks really awkward, like Eric/Dane is grabbing him a big ol handful of granny panty! (haters, don’t hate on the granny panty comment. I just said it to be funny & I would much prefer that to a thong. It just makes an odd style choice for a picture. Poor “Daisy”.

  • Anonymous

    My guesses for the baby’s name:
    – South or Texas (she talks about being from the South/Texas)
    – Star (from the Fashion Star show)
    – A mixture of their names combined like Erissa or Erris.

  • melo1983

    Okay, really? “Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins! Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this ath-a-letic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping.”

    ^Ah instead of I? Haha confusing. And you can be girly and athletic Miss Simpson, you don’t have to pick one or the other. Though apparently you do.

  • Anonymous

    I bet any amount of money that she names her daughter Brooklyn

  • Anonymous

    She’s not the first to be airbrushed! What’s with you people constantly ripping her apart? She looks beautiful, she’s obviously happy, and you all need to GET A LIFE and stop with the nasty insults on this site!

  • tTt

    Oh, she looks amazing! & she is going to be an amazing mother! CONGRATS!

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