Kyra Sedgwick: “My Kids Light Up My Life”

Even after more than 20 years of marriage, actress Kyra Sedgwick says her “heart gets a little fluttery” when she sees her husband Kevin Bacon. Parents to kids Travis, 22, and Sosie, 19, the couple have one of Hollywood’s longest – and seemingly happiest – relationships. Covering the April issue of Redbook, the 46-year-old star of The Closer explains how they manage to make it work.

On balancing being a partner and being a parent: “I feel the primary relationship has to be the mother and the father, and then it can be the kids. Of course the kids come first in planning your life, but it’s incredibly important to keep your relationship as a couple strong and make time for it. It’s the foundation on which everything is built. Kids should know that your needs are important, because if they think your happiness lies only in them, that’s a lot of pressure on them. Plus, I think if you are pursuing your own goals, it makes your kids want to search for whatever their dreams and bliss are.”

On weathering the storms: “We always knew that we were each other’s “one.” Both of us knew this was forever and we were going to work it out no matter what happens, so when we fight, it’s not so scary. You can’t be honest with someone if you think that they are going to leave. It doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t have bad dreams — which are terrible — but it’s just a dream.

On having an almost empty nest: “My son is still living with us, but yeah, he won’t be here for long…. Life will never be the same. I know [my kids] will need me, but in a totally different way. Suddenly I’m supposed to think about myself first? What is that? That’s weird. But there’s joy in that too—we’re responsible for our own happiness. It’s not about them making me happy. You know, the best sound in the world to me is the door opening in the apartment and one of the kids walking in. That won’t change. I mean, I’m very happy when Kevin comes home too, don’t get me wrong [laughs]. But they light up my life.”

On whether they considered having more kids: “We did. I had them so young, and it’s a lot of work for a while, and I think we both thought we weren’t ready for more. He never wanted to have another one, but I was like, ‘Maybe?’ I know Meryl Streep had her last kid when she was 43, and I’m 43, so you never know!”

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    Kyra Sedgwick is 46 years old.

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    aww I love Kyra she seems so sweet and honest

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    This article is from a few years ago

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