La La Anthony Graces Cover Of Latina

La La Anthony, 32, graces the April cover of Latina, which hits newsstands on Tuesday, March 13. The entrepreneur and TV star, who is wife of New York Knicks forward Carmelo “Melo” Anthony, opens up about handling a growing career beyond TV, managing a superstar marriage (including how she handled a secret love child rumor), and being a new breed of television star.

On rumors of ‘Melo’s rumored secret love child: “There are a lot of athletes who do live a certain life with women everywhere. So you can’t act like it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard… But I’m secure in my relationship.”

La La and ‘Melo are parents to son Kiyan, who turns 5 today (March 7)!

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  • Marisol

    Who is she? I never heard of her being a new breed of TV star and she doesn’t look Latina at all.

    • Anonymous

      She is Kim Kardashian’s friend, I guess that is why she’s famous…

    • LaKesha

      Not sure of what “looking Latina” is suppose to look like…

  • Anonymous

    She was a host on MTV’s TRL show and yes she is Latina if you see pictures of her mother you could tell.

  • Anonymous

    Watched her “show” for 7 minutes. Awful. She’s one of “those” women whose whole focus is on their looks, their man and their handbag.

  • Mona

    She is no Sofia Vergara that’s for sure…not even close.

    • LaKesha

      No she’s La La Anthony, read the article!

  • Anonymous

    When will the racial ignorance end i wonder?! There is no one way that a Latina looks people okay? Latina does NOT only mean Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez or Sofia Vergara. There are black Latina’s as well.

  • Anonymous

    when are people going to understand that Latinos are diverse! Geez. I’m a blonde and blue-eyed and Latina, straight up. My family is Mexican and Ecuadorian. I’m sure there’s a European influence, but I’m so Latina-saturated, I wouldn’t know how to track it. Does it make me less Latina because I don’t “look Latina?” Ugh. Ignorant people of the world, open up your eyes!

  • Isabella

    White Latinas are actually descendant of ancient European Spanish people so they do look Latino.

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