Report: Bobbi Kristina’s Family Express Concern Over Oprah Winfrey Interview

Beloved talk show host Oprah Winfrey may have landed the most coveted interview of 2012 with the late Whitney Houston‘s 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina, but sources close to the troubled teen are saying certain family members have heartfelt concerns over the timing of the one-on-one with the talk show veteran.

“There is still no resolution and there has been nothing concrete on the cause of [Whitney’s] death, and they were hoping for that,” a Houston family friend reveals to PEOPLE. “There were members of the family who weren’t keen on [the interview] going down at this time.”

“There are people who just want her to stay out of the limelight for a while,” the friend adds. “This is a little girl who just needs some time.”

Bobbi Kristina – who reportedly expressed interest “to walk in her parents’ footsteps” in a singing or acting career – is currently spending time with her aunt Patricia Houston and Whitney’s brother Gary Houston.

“She’s so very young and impressionable,” says the source. “She has to start finding herself as a woman on her own as opposed to defining herself as Whitney’s daughter and Whitney’s support. It’s kind of interesting to see what’s going to happen to her from here on in.”

Bobbi Kristina’s interview will air Sunday (March 11) on OWN’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

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Rolling My Eyes

Those quotes from family members make her sound like she’s 10 year old. BK is a 19 year old young WOMAN. If she wanted to talk to Oprah, that was her decision and her right as an emancipated ADULT. These people sound like they need to cut the apron strings and/or quit treating her like a prisoner.


So true, she’s not 10 and in their ‘world’, kids probably grow up a LOT faster than those living in some secluded suburb somewhere.

With that said, this interview is attention whoring at its best and really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


I don’t think she wants to talk to Oprah. Oprah probaby sought her out for the interview. I think it’s too soon for BK to be interviewed and Oprah should know better. It’s all about ratings.


Agree, definitely too soon. Bobbi Kristina is probably still in shock, it’s only been a month (almost) since her loss. Bobbi Kristina is an adult but losing your youngish Mother unexpectedly is a hard blow. She needs time to process the whole thing and a month is not long enough.

Rolling My Eyes

If she didn’t want to talk to Oprah, she wouldn’t have. She’s an ADULT. Even if Oprah sought her out, she had the ability and choice to say no, but she didn’t. Again, quit acting like this is a little girl; she isn’t, she is a grown ass woman, responsible for her own actions.