Sadie Frost: Jude Law & I Have Brotherly Sisterly Love

Sadie Frost says Jude Law is very important to her. The 46-year-old actress – who divorced the actor in 2003 – tells Britain’s Marie Claire that the two are close because they have Rafferty, 15, Iris, 11, and Rudy, 9, together.

She reveals, “Jude and I were together for 10 years and we’ve been separated for almost eight now. We have to love our children so we have to love each other. He is one of the most important men in my life because he is the father of my kids. We’re really quite close now. We’re like brother and sister. It’s that sort of affection, that brotherly sisterly love.”

Sadie – who also runs designer label FrostFrench – added, “It was a difficult time, you’re in a family, you’re all together and then you have to try and unmesh yourselves. But time passes. I am really lucky to have such a good relationship.”

As for her mental health – she can now talk about her past panic attacks.

I haven’t had a panic attack for five years. I’d suffered them since I was a child and can remember at four years old thinking, ‘Oh my God, maybe I’m just a tiny insignificant piece of dust’ and my mind would just go. Then later it got to a point where I couldn’t fly or I’d have to get out of cars if they were going too fast.”

She added, “Russell Brand did introduce me to his therapist, Chip, at a time in my life when I needed a reliable man who I could trust, a friend and father figure. Chip was there for me.”

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  • Anonymous

    I have that sort of relationship with my daughters father too. It’s so nice when you can get along with an ex, especially if you have children with them. I like that she is being open about Anxiety also, I think it needs a tonne more awareness.

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