Hilary Duff: “My Pregnancy Hormones Caused So Much Hair Growth I Felt Like A Yeti”

It seems expectant mama Hilary Duff is experiencing some of the less glamorous side effects of being pregnant (are there glamorous ones?) and isn’t afraid to let the world know via this hilarious video.

In this humorous parody, the 24-year-old actress talks about her unpleasant pregnancy hair growth and credits it’s removal to a miracle pseudo-product called NoGrowActiv – a satirical imitation of the acne fighting solution ProActiv.

“It takes a lot of work to look this good when you’re this pregnant,” the mama-to-be states. “As everyone knows, pregnancy causes morning sickness, weight gain, and of course, rampant, excessive hair growth all over your body.”

“After I got pregnant, my hormones caused so much hair growth that at I felt like a yeti,” she adds. “Or Robin Williams.”

Continue to watch Hilary’s hilarious video from funnyordie.com now.

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Photo credit: www.funnyordie.com

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