Nick Cannon Talk Online Privacy For Children

Drumline star Nick Cannon, 31, is doing his part to make sure our children stay safe online.

The America’s Got Talent host – who is also doting daddy to nearly 1-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with wife Mariah Carey – appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday (March 7) to endorse a bill aimed at increasing online privacy for children.

During the press conference, Nick expressed his concern about websites and smartphones storing information on young consumers without their knowledge or parental consent.

“Most at that age don’t have the judgment or the maturity to protect themselves from those capable of taking advantage of them by tracking their whereabouts on the internet,” the actor states.

Nick also emphasized that educating children about online safety measures was a parental responsibility.

“Parental supervision should extend from the playground to the Internet,” he stresses.

Congressmen Ed Markey and Joe Barton are co-sponsors of the Do Not Track Kids Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation that – if passed by Congress – would require the FCC to enforce strict guidelines limiting the ability of websites, cellular providers, or advertising agencies to use children’s personal data. It also introduces an eraser button which would allow parents to remove information on their child that is already circulating around the web.

In his true funny man fashion, Nick jokes, “I need some of my online activity erased too.”

Nick was awarded spokesman for Safe Communications, Inc. in February.

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  • Anonymous

    Scary how much people can find out about you with search targeting and stuff. I read an article that said Target stores know when a woman is pregnant before they announce it to friends/family based on their searches. I found a product on kickstarter called that blocks tracking and geolocation. I hate google knowing what I’m searching for and selling that to advertisers. Check it out!

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