Rachel Zoe & Her Blue-Eyed Babe

Rachel Zoe and Skyler were seen together in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday, March 7. The celebrity stylist cradled her son – who smiled at the cameras.

The pair stood out in their designer duds. Rachel wore all black with added fur-trim on her jacket while the baby looked sweet in his white outfit.

Zoe has gushed that her 1-year-old has changed her life.

“There’s my big guy and my little guy. I think as a lot of working moms say it’s very hard to wake up one morning and say ‘Ok I’m ready.’ But all of a sudden you wake up and say ‘I need to be ready’ and I wasn’t even ready until he was born and then the second he was born I was so blind, I was like how did I survive, what is life without this child?”

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com


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  1. Anonymous

    The Daily Mail had pictures of her in a jumpsuit the other day and she looked positively skeletal. Ironically, the heading said she was going to a cake shop.

    • Kayte

      Funny – I read that same article yesterday and took a peek at the comments – there were several and I’ve never seen such a steady stream of negativity. This site is tame by comparison!!! She must have a lot of fans here .

  2. Anonymous

    Some celebs could get away with lying about their age and shaving off a few years (Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, et. al.). Unfortunately, Rachel Zoe is not one of those people and should cut the crap about being 40 – makes me laugh every time I see 40 in the same sentence as her name.

  3. Anonymous9

    Still an adorable baby regardless of nasty remarks about his mother.

  4. Anonymous

    By the contented look on that baby’s face I would say he has a loving and kind mama. That’s what counts, not that she’s skinny or there’s a discrepancy about her age. The cruel and petty comments are irrelevant.

    • Kayte

      Okay, St. Anonymous, it’s all sunshine and roses from now on, but in the interest of fairness to the other celebs who have had to endure criticism on this site, while you’re at it, I challenge you to post your sanctimonious comment on every other article. Better grab some snacks, because you will be at it for a while. Have fun.

      • Anonymous

        Why is it so difficult for you to believe that some people don’t feel the need to trash every person in every article? Some people do not base their lives on spreading negativity and judgement of other people.

        If that makes the original poster “St Anonymous”, so be it, but I don’t think you understand the definition of sanctimonious. And I’d rather be like her than to just spread meanness wherever I go.

        Remember, someday it could be your daughter who is talked about like this. Why do people think it’s okay because it’s just a celebrity and it’s just an anonymous comment online?

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