Richie & Ava Sambora: Lunchin’ In Calabasas

Richie Sambora and his 14-year-old daughter Ava spent time together in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (March 10). The pair had lunch with friends at King’s Fish House at the Calabasas Commons.

The 52-year-old rocker wore a cap, a red tie-dye shirt and a cross necklace while Ava sported jean shorts and a black tank for the warm weather.

It looks like the father-daughter duo are carrying on nicely after Sambora’s ex-wife Heather Locklear’s hospital incident in January.

At the time Richie’s mom reportedly said of the actress, “I think she will be okay she just has to get it together. We always see her. We always hang out and her family is great with us too. We’re all together all the time.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    They look so beautiful together, my favourite father and daughter team. He’s doing an amazing job raising her, especially since it seems her mother has spent next to no time at all with her this year

  2. Anonymous

    Those shorts are a tad bit TOO short.

  3. jd

    She’s a gorgeous girl, but I don’t understand why young girls are allowed to dress like this, cover her up!

    • Anonymous

      How covered should she be? Three more inches? Six? Fifteeen? Should she wear flannel, too? Should her head be covered?

      Worry about your own kids. These people don’t need (or want) your advice. And since they’re not reading this board, you’re talking to yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Let’s go all the way and take a lesson from the middle east – put her in a burka! Heck, let’s make all women wear burkas! They certainly can’t be trusted to determine what’s right for themselves!

      • Anonymous

        Excellent comment – especially the second paragraph. Interfering old biddies like this need to focus on their OWN kids, not the kids of strangers. So much of this nonsense appears on this site and it’s really irritating. Somehow, I doubt these women are perfect parents themselves.

  4. Anonymous

    I know. I’ve seen a trend here with the skimpy clothes on her.

  5. Anonymous

    Those shorts are so short I can see her uterus. Do I need to see anybody’s coot? NO, but especially not that of a 14 year old. How is this ok?

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t believe I’m about to defend what she’s wearing, because I really wouldn’t want my daughter going out like that…
    but here in california, this is what is cool and what the popular kids are wearing. Even kids as young as 10 and 11. I’m not saying it’s right… I’m just saying it is the style.

    I blame the infiltration of mass media into youth culture. Kids who live in Los Angeles in particular are very influenced by MTV music videos and advertising.

    Love it or hate it, Ava’s mini-shorts and mid-drift tank top illustrate what is hip and sexy in popular culture right now.

    • Anonymous

      If your going to blame anyone it should be the parents not the media as parents your job is to parent and if that means they can’t wear the “cool” booty shorts that they see on TV or in magiazines then so be it, as a parent we should teach our kids to think for themselves and not fallow the crowd.

  7. Anonymous

    I know too many girls are dressing too skimpy these days. Celebrities kids or not, everywhere I look.

    She may feel the pressure since her Mom was a sex symbol and is in the public eye and her Dad is a rocker, I think she really should dress a little more conservative but still stay young and not give it all away. This is where her parents should come in.

  8. Lauren

    Interesting, I’ve seen reese witherspoons 13 year old daughter wear shorts just as short and I’ve never seen her get flack for it. Perhaps it’s because ava looks more innocent?

    Besides its the boys who have the issues with girls wearing short shorts. Maybe they should be chastised for assuming girls want some because of the clothes they wear.

  9. Anonymous

    Heather is prettier than these two and what 50+ year old man calls himself Richie , this girl looks like a brat and is dressed sleazy , period

  10. Anon.

    I don’t believe these are any shorter than the so called running shorts we wore in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Remember Crissy from Three’s Company. Her shorts were about this length. She’s fine.

  11. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with what she Is wearing . I’ve seen a lot worse from adult celebrities…aka Kim kardashian always has her hooters out for the world to see. At least Ava is young and looks good.

  12. Anonymous

    Ava is a pretty girl! Wow! And her shorts are fine. I see nothing wrong with them and you can’t see anything. She’s covered up. And as a Anon. poster said above this is how shorts were worn back in the 80s and 90s – they were SUPER short and most all girls wore them! Quit criticizing what someone else’s children are wearing because she isn’t doing any harm to anyone.

  13. Anonymous

    Are they too short and too tight? Perhaps, but at 14 when everything can turn into a fight it’s important to pick your battles!

  14. jd

    I should have said in MY opinion I don’t think she should be showing her bra, stomach, and camel toe to the world. She’s underage and there are a lot of creepy people in this world, her parents are famous and know she’ll be photographed for millions to see, but to each their own I suppose.

  15. Cassie

    I agree who everyone who said Ava’s shorts is too short. There are very beautiful shorts that are not too short available.
    Girls want to be attractive to boys and everyone else, it’s a very conscious decision. Girls are conscious victims of fashion and beauty standards. When a girl wants to look sexy she will do it, especially when the adults around don’t have any concerns.
    Ava’s age already tell you she is the one chosing how she wants to look.

    The fact her both parents being artistic and perhaps liberal parents is important. But girls of other backgrounds do wear clothes with sexual meanings when they want and the circumstances around them including parents didn’t taught what’s acceptable, and they do want to look sexy.

    • Anonymous

      And sometimes, they just wear shorts because it’s hot out.

      • Sujinah

        Oh please. I used to live in a hot country in the Caribbean, where 40C (I don’t know in Fahrenheit, sorry) is pretty common. A few years ago, shorts that short did not even exist. If they did, no one would wear them. Now, it is everywhere, in every country, even in cold ones -.-
        It is all cause of fashion and the media. “Show your body to boys so you can look attractive”.
        It has nothing to do with how hot it is. And she is wearing a freaking cardigan!

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