Willow Smith’s Got The Giggles

Showing off her new green ‘do, 11-year-old Willow Smith seemed in great spirits as she stopped off at the Corner Bakery in Calabasas, California this morning (March 11). The ‘Whip Your Hair’ singer shared a laugh with a friend as they left the shop with beverages in hand.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s daughter is among the young stars who have been mentioned to possibly play a young Whitney Houston in a future biopic about the late legendary singer. Jordin Sparks, Brandy, Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson are also said to be in the running for the role.

Willow’s big brother Jaden, 13, is also pursuing his acting career: He’s set to star in director M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming thriller After Earth. His co-star in the film? None other than his very famous father Will.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Green hair? Oh dear…

    • Anonymous

      It’s hair. What’s wrong with expressing yourself through your hair?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s terrible at that age to do what she’s doing. That’s MY opinon.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, so you think it’s terrible to shave your head and color it green at 11 years old.

      So what would be the RIGHT age to start experimenting with your style/look/ideas?

    • Anonymous

      Right, because as everyone knows, shaving/coloring your hair is permanent and can never be changed.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great to see at less one pictuer of her hanging out with her parents that not a studio photo op pictuer.

    I don’t know if it was an act but when they were trying to make Willow the next big thing their was tons of pictuers of her with Jada shopping going to fashion shows just spending a lot of mother daughter time, now that it didn’t happen the only pictures of Willow is her traveling by herself or shipping with friends or by herself.

    • Anonymous1

      Nepotism in so rife in Hollywood. But they overdid it with Willow.
      Now they are trying to make Paris Jackson into the next big thing. I wonder how this will work.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, she looks like a boy.

  • Anne

    She looks like a boy.

  • Cassie

    Willow lives in an artistic, liberal, free and extremely tolerant of anything World. She doesn’t even go to school and if she does study probably goes to an artistic and liberal school like the Crossroads school in LA where she decides what she wants to do. Do you think her parents would want her going to an academic and reasonable school?
    I don’t agree and I’m against liberal and submissive parenting but it’s the way the huge majority of artistic parents were raised and worked well for them so they don’t have reasons to not raise their kids the same way.
    All the nasty comments and bullying people make on internet won’t ever come close to Willow’s knowsledge.

  • Anonymous

    If she wants attention this bad and she’s only 11, I would hate to see what she’s doing 10 years from now to get it!

  • Ebonita

    Hair grows back. And it’s not going to be green forever. At least she’s of an age where she’s verbal and has some agency in what happens to her hair. Unlike Gwen Stefanni who bleaches her sons blonde before they can string together a whole sentence. Assuming she does regret the decision (and given she’s previously shaved parts of her head, we can pretty safely assume she won’t) she can always grow more hair and try another style.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that’s not coffee she’s drinking at 11 years old. The hair is no big deal but an 11 year drinking coffee is not exactly good parenting.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my freaking god. Do you people just scour every picture LOOKING for a way to call someone a bad parent? Get over your freaking selves.

  • Anna

    Its only hair .. She’s fine . She doesn’t look like a boy! I’m glad to see her looking happy and smiling:) As far as being with Will and Jada they are filming a movie right now with Jaden! They produce them movie and Willow is in LA with her nannies because she has school . She does to New Village. My goddaughter attends the same school. They are both in Independent StudyProgram which is basically work on your own pace. My goddaught experienced some bullying and a tech teacher told her mother about the NVLA school!And you don’t have to come all the time because most the kids have very busy schedules like Willow. But they learn a lot of things ! They are truly smart kids. But I’m sick of people bashing her parents over education. When she’s in school.The Smiths are a lovely family and hair does not dictate parenting skills. Especially when her own grandmother Ms. Adrienne and Jada have/ currently rocks the same hairstyle .

  • Anna

    And she shaved her hair because she had her sides shaved previously and it wouldn’t work growing it all at different lengths . As far as the hair color. It’s hair spray. She always played with extensions and clip ins that were colored. Of course she would still want to do the same now. Hair doesn’t = to parenting skills . And I don’t know her personally like that that. But what I do know she’s a very respectful, smart, and creative little girl. I think her parents are doing fine with her.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand this kid. I feel bad for her. It all seems forced and phony.

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