Jennifer Garner’s Postpartum Outing

Mommy’s little helper!

New mom-of-three Jennifer Garner headed to the doctor’s office today (March 12) with her daughter Violet, 6, in Santa Monica, Calif. Looks like Violet was practicing her big sister skills as she brought along her doll in a toy baby carrier. Doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Bearded papa Ben Affleck and Violet were spotted out and about over the weekend. This is our first glimpse of Jen since she gave birth to the couple’s third child, son Samuel Garner, on Feburary 27.

The high-profile couple are also parents to 3-year-old daughter Seraphina.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Knew it wouldn’t be long until they’re back to the same old routine.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m sure that’s what she’s doing. Because lord knows no one ever goes to the doctor after having a baby unless it’s to get photographed.

      • Kate

        Love this! I’m not sure when people will realize that it’s not their choice to be followed. Their options are to live in a bubble and never be photographed, or go about their lives and try not to let the papz bother them.

        • Anonymous

          They don’t have to live In a “bubble” to keep from being photograph look at matthew mcconaughey who moveing to Texas so his kids can have that normal life away from the paparazzi.  When Jen was filming her movie last year she was not photograph For months and they weren’t living in a bubble; Brentwood is paparazzi central the Celebrities living their are not looking for privacy or a life away from the media.

          I agree that celebrities are going to get followed some times but if you count the number of time the celebrites that live in Brentwood get photograph to the ones that don’t it’s a huge difference they get photograph 50% more.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t disagree that living in Brentwood definitely lends itself to being papped more, but the reality is it’s not as practical for Ben and Jen to move to Texas or wherever. They both have production companies in Brentwood. If they moved away they would have to spend a lot more time apart. At least this way while Ben is obsessing about his movie in post-production, he can go home to his family every night and the kids can stick to their routines. It’s much easier for someone who is just an actor to relocate, but when you’re involved in so many different phases of production living far away isn’t practical.

  2. Anonymous

    look at the reflection on the glass windows behing them the paps taking their photo
    can someone explain to me why Jen is so popular?

    • Anonymous 123

      Her dimple parade, if it weren’t for that she wouldn’t be photograph she not at the top of her game any more or in demand as a actress and the daily dimple parade keeps people talking about her good or bad.

    • Mags

      I can! It’s because people like you click on these stories even though you don’t like her. If the posts on JG didn’t get so many hits, these sites wouldn’t buy the pics and the paparazzi wouldn’t bother stalking her.

  3. Hadna

    AAAH CARA, QUE PERFEITA :)))))))))))))) ♥♥ .. PERFEITOS ALIÁS.

  4. May

    Looks like a woman who just gave birth, chubby, tired, yet amazing looking.

  5. Anonymous

    How cute is that? Violet has very own baby carrier. Ben and Sera also were with them, both girls visited the doctor today (more photos on Zimbio). Love this family and I see I am not the only one that missed seeing them.

  6. Anonymous

    For a split second I thought she was allowing the little troll to carry the real baby. Whew. The kid should really be playing with children her own age and not with her mother every waking minute.. it is really unnatural. JG should enjoy this time bonding with the new baby and let the older kids to what kids do best.. play with their friends. Instead she is accompanying her mother everywhere and emulating her every move. Really overkill IMO. Classic helicopter mom.

    • Anonymous

      It’s unlikely she spends “every waking minute” with her — on many occasions, she’s pictured taking her to school, ballet, soccer and other activities that involve other kids. It’s actually refreshing to see a celeb that DOES spend a lot of one on one time with her kids instead of pawning them off on nannies.

    • SMH

      Someone actually referred to a CHILD as a “little troll” wow people amaze me more each day. Hope your not a mother yourself with little “trolls” *smh*

    • Anonymous

      You know, they have very good meds these days to treat the kinds of delusions you’re obviously suffering from. You might want to see someone about that. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and you clearly need it.

  7. Anonymous

    ….and here we go again! She’s had a week off, but it’s back to business!

    The above commenter is right, if you choose to live in the world’s most notorious paparazzi hotspot then any idea that you are wanting privacy/don’t like being photographed is absurd. Does she look unhappy with all those photographers snapping away? Does she heck. Celebrities who don’t want the attention go to great lengths to try and avoid it – going in the back door, for example. Everything she does is designed to be as noticeable as possible and make the photographs as desirable as possible “Oh look, Violet has a baby carrier herself! KA-CHIING!”

    Bracing myself for daily CBS Garner updates from now on in. :/

    • Anonymous

      Bracing myself for daily CBS Garner updates from now on in. :/
      The solution is simple – don’t visit the site, or just don’t read the posts about Garner. It’s been pointed out countless times before — clicking on the link suggests to the site owners that she’s a popular draw and they will continue to purchase and post pictures of her.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been looking to see new pictures – between those of us that really like JG and the “dimple parade” (cute, but I have a feeling you got that from somewhere else) and the foks that insist on clicking on the pctures to make negative comments (which increase her “popularity” on sites like these you relaize that dont you?) about her being photographed, her pictures will always sell. I don’t like Angelina Jolie so you know what I do? I bypass her pictures and barely glance at her and the sundry children she decides to bring along . I certainly don’t spend my precious time to make a comment!

  8. Cass

    Most celebrity mothers who live in Brentwood are not targets of paparazzies but these mothers do not go to pop places or do not call paps to photograph/film them.

    Anywhere Jennifer goes with her kids there are paps. There are three or more very obvious reasons for this phenomenon keep on happening. This means there is an enormous demand of the public to see Jennifer with her children and Jennifer is helping.

    • ANON.

      If Garner was really after attention, why wouldn’t she join the ranks of celebs who use twitter? On this site alone, tweets from such people are constantly featured. If that’s not attention-seeking behavious, I don’t know what is.

      I don’t believe for one second that she encourages these sleazy men, tipping them off about her whereabouts, letting them near her children, etc. Paps are pretty resourceful and stake out her house, following her around. Obviously it’s profitable for them – otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

  9. Louisa

    Wow… so much hatred in some of these comments…
    I wonder: if all the hating commenters – here, and in other posts – would meet that particular Celeb in person, would they be as ‘brave’ as they are here, and willing to say all this in their faces…?

    • Anonymous

      Of course not. The internet makes these little bullies feel powerful and omnipotent. In real life, they would probably just pass right by a celebrity they didn’t care about.

      And I’d venture to say that the big mouth above calling this woman’s child a “troll” would never ever dare to say that to someone’s face, nor would she allow someone to say it to HER child without repercussions.

    • Anonymous

      Louisa, I’m sure you know the answer to that is a big fat NO. People like that are either a) immature b)cowards c) bored or
      d) all of the above. I wonder how this individual would feel if someone attacked her child like that.

  10. NYCMommy

    How cute Violet looks tending her “baby”. Real smart idea of Jen and Ben to buy her this carrier so she can learn how to be a good big sister to new baby boy. I really enjoy this family they are really down to earth.

  11. Anonymous

    I think violet does interact with kids her age, but do you expect her to drive herself shes 6?!

  12. NYCMommy

    I am pretty sure Violet spends plenty of time with children her own age. She goes to school, dance classes, and karate. There have also been pictures of them going to kids birthday parties and such.

  13. Alycia

    What a sweet photo of Violet and her new baby brother!

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