Stephen Baldwin & His Premiere Posse

The Flyboys actor Stephen Baldwin rocked the red carpet (er, black carpet) at the world premiere of Hunger Games at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (March 12). The 45-year-old star had some very beautiful dates for the night’s event – his two daughters Hailey (creme colored dress) and Alaia (black dress) as well as his niece.

Stephen – who is the father to his two girls with his long time wife Brazilian graphic designer Kennya Baldwin – looked sharp in his shades and pin striped suit as he posed for pics with his three lovely ladies.

It seems that the the debate over Growing Pains alum Kirk Cameron’s controversial remarks on homosexuality in still circulating but Stephen was quick to take a stance in the media firestorm Kirk’s candid comments have ignited.

“I am here to support Kirk Cameron, because I think it’s important to stand up and voice what he believes in,” Stephen claims on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight. “When you say you’re born-again and Christian in Hollywood, there are things that are going to come against you…according to the Christian faith, the nuclear family is the origin of what this country was founded on.”

Kirk caused major uproar when he called homosexuality “unnatural,” believing “that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Surprised a jesus freak like him would be okay with his daughters wearing such skimpy dresses.

  • Merve

    wow how old are his daughters?? I thought the cream colored dress was his WIFE!? Why is everyone so old looking in Hollywood???

    • NYCMommy

      I was thinking the same thing so I looked it up and they are 18/19 and 15/16. Beautiful girls though.

  • AnonymousNames R4Punks

    So Anonymous @ 4:18 PM if he weren’t a “Jesus Freak” would his daughters’ attire still bother you. Jesus has nothing to do with how his daughters’ are dressed that was a choice he and his wife should have made. I don’t remember reading about red carpet events in the Bible so leave Jesus out of this one.

    • Anonymous

      Sure it does. He acts superior, but he clearly can even teach his daughter’s how to dress. Can you imagine how they ACT?!?

  • Anonymous

    The brunette is 19 which means that she is a legal adult and can make her own decisions of what to wear. duh.

  • Anonymous9

    I wonder how much time those girls spent in front of the mirror working on their bitch faces?

  • Anonymous

    fuck all of you

  • Anonymous

    pretty girls took after their mom
    this is the Flintstone ugly religious nut Baldwin brother
    the least atttactive and sane one of the bunch

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^ who the fuck r u to judge? Have u ever met Stephen? No? Then shut the fuck up.. and this goes out to everyone bring judgemental pricks on here. Those girls are gorgeous and they live a simple life and are GOOD KIDS. they look elegant and pretty… Unlike those Jenner girls who are whoring around all the time. Shut the fuck up seriously.

  • erica

    the extreme posing of the daughters is a little much….definitely beautiful girls though.

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