Una Healy & Ben Foden Welcome Baby No. 1: Aoife Belle!

Congratulations to The Saturdays singer Una Healy and her fiancé Ben Foden!

The couple are the proud new parents of a daughter, who Hello! reports is named Aoife Belle Foden. She arrived weighing 7lbs 13oz.

Una’s rugby player beau took to Twitter this morning to share the happy news, writing, “I am officially a Dad! Una and baby are both amazing and healthy!!!! So proud of them both!”

The announcement was quickly met with congratulations, including a Tweet from the singer’s bandmates, who wrote, “HUGE congrats to @unahealy & @ben_foden on the birth of their baby girl! Your aunties Frankie, Mollie, Roch & Ness CAN’T wait to meet u.”

Baby Aoife Belle is the first child for Una and Ben, who got engaged shortly before Christmas.

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  1. Elena

    Congratulations to the happy family! 🙂 She’s going to be such a pretty baby.

    And before all the name comments arrive, it’s pronounced Ee-fah, as in Eva, but with an f. It’s a traditional Irish name.

  2. Andrea

    Congrads how would you say that name?

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Elena for educating me cuz I was just gonna say “what kind of name is that”?

  4. Anabelle

    Aw, happy for them =)
    Though I don’t like their name choice. That’s going to piss off that child royally having to tell people how to pronounce their name all the time!

  5. Daniella

    Wow, old-school Irish name, I like it!! Then again, it’s also my aunt’s & great-grandmother’s name, so I might be biased. It’s pronounced Ee-fah, due to the Celtic pronunciations. Not a name you see too much outside of Ireland or the most Irish-influenced parts of New England.

  6. Anonymous

    Anabelle there are a lot of Irish people called that and anyway it wouldn’t matter what Irish name they gave her none Irish people would have the same reaction. We all laugh about it now. My brother gets called cea – rOn because his name is spelt Ciaran not kiaran.

    I love Irish names (I am Irish btw )

  7. edelo

    No idea who they are, but congrats!

    Love the name Aoife! Very nice choice!

  8. Anonymous

    Irish names are weird and set a kid up for ridicule – just ask Sinead O’Connor’s kids.

    • zara-b

      Sinead O’Connor’s children are named Jake, Roisin, Shane and Yeshua – Roisin and Shane are the only two of those names that are Irish, and neither would cause any problems in Ireland, where Sinead and her family live. All are pretty phonetically-spelt names anyway, with the exception of Roisin, but as I said, this is a common name in Ireland, so certainly wouldn’t cause the child ridicule. Don’t be so narrow-minded…

  9. Calla

    Beautiful name. I would love to use Aoife for my own child but would worry about no one being able to pronounce it.

  10. Anonymous

    She’s Irish. So why is it weird that she gave her kid an Irish name?

  11. AJ

    Beautiful name! I love Irish names, there is something whimsical and beautiful all at the same time about them (to me). I would love to use the name Saoirse for a little girl one day but we’ll see. I wish people would be more willing to accept names from different cultures instead of just writing them of as weird or ridiculous.

    Congratulations to the family!

  12. Anonymous

    Saoirse is pronounced seer-shah. Friend of mine has a little girl named thusly – we live in the UK though, so it’s not abnormal. Anabelle, before you criticise a name think a bit about the bigger world — if you grow up in a country where you know how to pronounce the name, it isn’t weird! My Scottish (I’m American) husband thinks many currently top 20 American baby names are totally daft.

  13. Susanna (Saoirse's mum)

    Some people are so narrow minded – if you think a name is stupid just because you can’t pronounce it then you are the stupid one!! (especially coming from someone who is too scared to give their own name!). My four year old daughter is named Saoirse and she loves her name “because its Irish and pretty” and if she can deal with people saying it wrong then why the hell should anyone else have an issue with it. Aoife is a beautiful traditional Irish name and I am sure Una doesn’t give a crap about what people think of her choice.

  14. Ebonita

    People can be so narrow minded and silly when it comes to names. lol Aoife is the name of one of my favorite people! I’m sure the kid will be a stunner. Those two are incredibly gorgeous.

  15. Ceren

    Unaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 I love you SO MUCH <3 You are very beautifulllll <3 I want to say "Congratulationssss !!!!".

  16. Sinead shannon

    Whats so weird about aoife? I know loads of aoifes and by the way roisin pronounced rosheen the irish version of rose.

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