Angelina Jolie & Girls: Amsterdam Boat Ride

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie was spotted with her daughters Zahara, 7, and Shiloh, nearly 6, while visiting Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Wednesday (March 14). The giggly girls kept their famous mama smiling as they took a boat ride down a canal. We just saw the happy trio leaving Los Angeles on Monday.

Earlier in the day, Angelina attended the sentencing of Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga at the International Criminal Court. Lubanga kidnapped and recruited young children, forcing them to become child soldiers to fight for Congolese rebels.

“This is their day,” Angelina said in a statement to Us Weekly. “Where these children will feel there is no impunity for what happened to them, for what they suffered.”

Angie and her longtime love Brad Pitt are also parents to Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • hopeso


  • SMH

    Kids have awesome personalities!

    I PERSONALLY think at six it looks a bit silly to walk around with a thumb in your mouth carrying a blanket. No she’s not hurting anyone and yes she’ll break the habit eventually so no big deal. But it is a habit that is far worse then a pacifier that’s for sure!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she is scared of the paps and whatnot. I don’t know – must be a scary situation for a child even if they are used to it.

  • Anonymous

    Aww Shiloh! You’re way too cool for thumb sucking with a blanket!

    Still what adorable, beautiful girls. I love this family.

  • Anonymous

    I notes she only dose it when she sleepy same thing with the blanket, I remember Z and Pax doing the same thing and grow out of it do I think it will happen with Shiloh as well.

  • Anonymous

    dude have you ever try taking a kids blanket away,i keep my niece and nephews every summer for a month to give my sister a brake. last summer my nephew he was 5 came with that blanket again and i told my sister he was much to old for a blanket. she told me if I had the balls to take it away then I should go right ahead and do it, I bet her 50 bucks that i could. on the 3rd night I took it away and told him he was a big boy and big boys dont have baby blanket, he cry til he threw up, pooped his pants a few time wont eat and started to get a fever he bearly slept and wont come anywhere near me. by night 5 i gave up and gave it back along with a price lego pirate ship set. He started 1st grade in September and my sister said he took it to school the first day and after that stop taking the blanket out the house, by Christmas he would forget to sleep with it and now she said he only wants it when he is sick or really tired and cranky. between the bet and the lego i was down 130 bucks and I made my lil guy life a living hell for 2 days and everyone who had to be around him and in the end when he was ready he did it himself.

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