Brandi Glanville & Mason: Together Time At Target

Brandi Glanville took her 8-year-old son Mason shopping at a Target in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (March 13). The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star bought clothes for her son and a bra for herself.

Brandi – who also has a 4-year-old son Jake with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian – is trying to get a book deal on a tell-all book she has written.

The book is about surviving a public divorce from Cibrian and the ups and downs of being a single mother. She is reported to also detail unflattering stories on LeAnn Rimes – who was caught having an affair with her then husband.

She recently wrote on her Twitter account: “I’m pitching in NYC in about a week.”

Later she added, “GIRL POWER advice of the day – Don’t EVER be the ‘other’ woman!!!!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    Yay! Brandi’s first solo post without photos of {those people who shall not be named}!!

    I wish she wouldn’t write that book, but girl’s gotta make a living, so you go girl!

  2. Anonymous

    There’s only so much information she could have concerning Eddie and LeAnn’s affair.She only knows what they have told her(which I assume is not that much.No way they have told her every little detail)and what she has witnessed.Only they know the exact details of everything that happened,when,how and where.I’m guessing the affair part will be limited,while the main focus is how she dealt with the divorce itself.You have to remember Eddie lied to Brandi constantly while he was hooking up with LeAnn so how would anyone or Brandi herself know what was true and what wasn’t.Then again this is HER side of the story,doesn’t mean it’s the TRUE story.Just saying……Not to say I probably won’t read it.

    • Anonymous

      There are photos of Leann and Eddie meeting up at hotels and her friends house, Leann and Eddie prove themselves to be liars each and every week, and then on top of that there are several interviews where Eddie denys his affair with Leann and called Leann a speedbump, so we know that there is truth in what Brandi is writing. Eddie is a creature of habit, so it’s easy to see what is the truth and what isn’t. Eddie made out with his ex-wife when he was cheating on her and now we are seeing him do the very same thing with Leann. So everytime we see Eddie engaging in pda with Leann, it’s because Leann is trying to cover up the fact that Eddie is cheating on her. Plus there are photos of Eddie flirting with Leann’s friend while they were in Hawaii.

  3. Anonymous

    LOVE that she is shopping at Target! Normal down to earth mom. I heard her book is more about surviving single motherhood than about she who shall not be named. Not even worth Brandi’s time. Her fans wanna hear about her not the other woman!

  4. Anonymous

    She can’t change the past, if she works on moving forward instead of backward a great guy will come along. Yes I’ve been in the situation as well so I know how painful but if you believe you can get thru you will and come out even stronger in the end. Look at Reese Witherspoon she is a great example who has come out ahead and still sucessful while her ex is struggling. Just sayin she needs to let go at least she will know when its time to forgive.

    • Anonymous

      Reese Witherspoon was able to move on because she didn’t have to deal with a “bonus mom” who sat on twitter tweeting about her children 24/7, was so overbearing that even after being told not to sing at the children’s school did it anyway, invited paps to her kid’s soccer games so that they could get photos of her making out with the kids father on the sidelines of the soccer game while wearing inappropriate clothing(did we ever see photos of Ryan and his mistress making out in front of his kids or at their school events), who blogged about her children(yeap we saw the kids a lot with Ryan and his mistress, but she was always respectful to Reese), invited her manager to crown himself “bonus uncle” to her children, had certain media outlets write fluff piece after fluffpiece, single white femaled her each and every week, and encouraged both her fans and staffmembers to stalk and harass her on twitter. The circumstances are different. Brandi has moved on. Besides, just because Brandi is writing a book, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t moved on. Elizabeth Edwards wrote a book, the ex-wife of Tori Spelling’s husband wrote a book, the ex-wife of the politician who had a mistress in Argentina wrote a book, and the list goes on. Sandra Bulluck and Elin gave an exclusive interview to People magazine about their husband’s affair. So were they moving backwards when they did this?

  5. Leslie

    Ugh. This is a staged photo op. She’s followed in the store? I doubt it. The hair extensions in her are so obvious. Mason’s a cutie.

    • Anonymous

      if it were staged, she’d be dressed better in smiling like other photos of her on this site when she’s out with her kids. she’s kind of bumming it and wearing shades and a hat so its not famewhoring if you go to a target in beverly hills and there happens to be a photographer. I think her book, if it goes in turn with her personality, would be a fun read and she is strong for what she went through. I could not stand by and watch the woman who disrespected both me and my family call herself a “bonus mother” and overshare my children’s personal business on the internet all the time. Eddie was going to get caught sooner or later so Brandi is lucky it was in 2009 rather than 2019 or so

    • Anonymous

      Usually when this site posts photos of the kids with their mother, it’s because they are getting ready to post a staged photo-op of the kids with their “bonus mother” and father.

  6. Anonymous

    “Has the book came out yet? It’s been about a hot minute”

  7. Anonymous

    I say-get it on the table and get some money! She said she wrote this book years ago to get it all out of her system. The boys good-for-nothing father won’t work and child support is practically nothing compared to where it should be. MEanwhile Ediot is going on vacations every other week and living off Miss Psychotic Fat-Wallet.
    She’s the one lady on RHoBH that actually tells the truth, calls out all the BS and has no filter so this book should be epic!

  8. Anonymous

     Their all pathetic the Ex, crazy, and this chick.

    L crazy and Branbi playing it all up for public sympathy the best thing to happen to this woman was the affair she was a nobody and now she a D listed on a tv show, getting paid to party and writing a  books. Both of them go to different blog to read and comment on post about themselves, Branbi just better at it she has a friend to go Celebritchy and i’m sure other sites to defend her and influenced the other posters. 

    I wish they would all go away same with the crapy “real housewives” shows so they all will have to get real jobs to support themselves. 

    • Anonymous

      Brandi is better at this than Leann Rimes? Leann Rimes gave x17 photos from her iphone before she even posted them to her twitter page. She was also seen tweeting to one of the staff members from x17 several times. Leann Rimes was seen tweeting and having a full blown conversation on twitter with someone from this site after this site posted photos of Leann and Eddie at his sons soccer game. Leann has a pal at NBC Universal who bullies media outlets such as ENews and their staffmembers into playing nice. One of the staffmembers on E News posted an article about Leann Rimes that wasn’t favorable and E News made him remove the article. Darrell Brown contacted the EIC of a blogger and attempted to get that blogger fired because she wrote an article about how Leann allows her fans and staff to cyberbully Brandi. Leann stated that she and Eddie set up staged photo-ops.

      Are you implying that Leann Rimes doesn’t send her fans and staffmembers to CB and many other sites, including this one, to make posts defending her or to influence others? One time Leann sent DMs with personal information about her car and wedding dress to one of her most devoted fans and then sent that fan to CB to defend her. Leann Rimes shared personal information about BG and EC custody arrangement for Christmas with another fan and that fan went to Star magazine with that information.

      Perhaps Leann should get a real job so that she doesn’t have to exploit sick children and BG and EC kids just to get her new album noticed.

      • Anonymous

        I think you missed the part where the OP said that ALL of them were freaking nuts! They all deserve each other!

        • Anonymous

          And you missed the part where the OP then went on to bash Brandi and convince everyone that Brandi is worse than Leann despite the fact that there is documented evidence of Leann encouraging her fans to stalk and harass Brandi on twitter. So the “They are all freaking nuts” comment was just a ploy, a “bait and switch” tactic. No one deserves the type of treatment that we witnessed.

          • Anonymous

            I am the one who posted that comment, and I was just using that example of how Brandi manipulates things, too. (We all have enough evidence of how Leann Rimes and her stud manipulate the media). All three of them are disgusting and use this entire ‘situation’ for their own selfish purposes and none of them seem to care about the effect it might have on those kids. But they each pretend that it’s the other one doing the damage. Gross.

          • Anonymous

            Go back and read your post because what you are claiming that you said, isn’t want you said at all.

          • Anonymous

            “Their all pathetic the Ex, crazy, and this chick.”

          • Anonymous

            Go back and read your original post because that wasn’t what you claimed. You can keep posting the “they are all pathetic” line all you want, but it is not going change the fact that you said that Leann doesn’t send her fans/friends to these sites to make posts and that you pulled a “bait and switch”. Why do you always deny the evidence, when it’s right there for all to see? You do this all the time and then you throw tantrums when people call you out for doing things like this. You said what you said, now just own it and stop trying to make excuses for what you wrote.

          • Anonymous

            Why are you backtracking? You do understand that people can see exactly what you wrote and what you said was that Leann doesn’t send her fans/friends to these sites to defend her(despite the fact that we have evidence of Leann doing just that)? I heard that Leann Rimes is preparing to release a staged photo-op of her and Eddie on vacation(yes another vacation which is odd, why is Eddie on yet another vacation when he is umemployed and probably told a judge he can’t pay his child support?) with his children to this site and many of her mouthpieces, so it’s no surprise that you have resurfaced.

            So when this site posts the fluff piece of Eddie and Leann on vacation with his kids, will they address the issue of how Leann and Eddie are allowing Eddie’s children to listen to songs from Leann’s new album in which Leann bashes the children’s mother and talks about her affair with Eddie while he was married to the children’s mother? Why would Leann and Eddie allow the children to listen to songs about how Leann was worried about Eddie sleeping with his wife while he was having an affair with Leann? So will the media address this issue or will they continue to reward Leann for her bad behavior because it’s certainly not a good idea to allow children to listen to songs where Leann details how she was sleeping with their father or where she bashes their mother and then gets on twitter and brags about how she let the kids listen to it and how Eddie was singing the song.

          • Anonymous

            Why do you keep asking when “the media” will address moral issues about these people?? It’s a freaking website about celebrity babies. These three nutcases qualify as celebrities, and they have kids, so Voila! Their photos appear here.


            (and this website hardly qualifies as “the media”… sheesh)

          • Anonymous

            This site doesn’t qualify as media? Really? That’s odd because in your very first paragraph, you stated that because these 3 are celebs and BG and EC have kids(You do understand that the boys don’t belong to Leann) that their photos appear here. If this site doesn’t qualify as media, then you wouldn’t be here posting or reading in the first place, right? Do you seriously not understand this? Seriously, do you understand how you just contradicted yourself? Of course you don’t, you wrote how many posts telling us that your original post doesn’t say what it says.

            Your assertion is that nobody cares about their issues, the lying, plastic surgery, or the cheating? Do yourself a favor and go back and read the article/articles that accompany the photos. Since you post here quite often, I know you have seen the comments where the readers do in fact comment on the moral issues/lying/cheating/etc… of these celebs. If nobody cares about their lying, how then do you explain your original post trashing Brandi? Do you have a severe reading comprehension problem or do you just live in a constant state of denial? Or do you just see and hear what you want to see and hear? It’s funny though, that even when the evidence is right there in your face, you will try to push that up is down and that down is up.

            If no one cared about the issues, cheating, plastic surgery, or lying, you wouldn’t be here reading and throwing a tantrum simply because someone dared to ask if this site was going to reward Leann with yet another fluff piece(when she releases yet another staged photo-op of her and EC exploiting the boys) instead of calling her out for her bad behavior or addressing the issue of how she was on twitter bragging about allowing BG and EC kids to listen to songs where she trashes the kid’s mother and talks about her affair with Eddie. You are posting in ALL CAPS, people who don’t care don’t respond in that manner. Do you seriously not understand this?

            Seeing how Leann was seen tweeting and having a full conversation with someone from this site, I agree that “nobody” from this site is going to address the issue of Leann’s bad behavior towards Brandi, but will continue to write the “happy family” fluffpieces.

            If the more badly Leann and Eddie act gets them more publicity, how then do you explain the fact that this site doesn’t include Leann or Eddie in their most popular family lists? Clearly there is something wrong with your logic. And how come this site didn’t post the article about how Leann encourages her fans and staffmembers to cyberbully Brandi, which are the very same people who Leann invites to the kid’s soccer games and etc… if acting badly gets Leann more publicity? You do understand this right? NYCMommy, Perhaps, you should get over it. Seriously, NYC Mommy, how many times have we seen you post this comment?

          • Anonymous

            And then you had the nerve to post that nobody cares. People who don’t care, don’t write, “Bite me” because someone pointed out how she contradicted herself. Why is that everytime you get caught in a lie, you throw these tantrums, call others names, or resort to making posts like “Bite me”. And the sad part is that you really thought this was a clever response, didn’t you?

          • Anonymous

            Go back and read the article.

          • Anonymous

            Did you miss this part of the article, which specifally addresses the cheating and lying?

            “The book is about surviving a public divorce from Cibrian and the ups and downs of being a single mother. She is reported to also detail unflattering stories on LeAnn Rimes – who was caught having an affair with her then husband. She recently wrote on her Twitter account: “I’m pitching in NYC in about a week.Later she added, “GIRL POWER advice of the day – Don’t EVER be the ‘other’ woman!!!!”

          • Anonymous

            Did you miss this part of the article, which specifally addresses the cheating and lying?

            “The book is about surviving a public divorce from Cibrian and the ups and downs of being a single mother. She is reported to also detail unflattering stories on LeAnn Rimes – who was caught having an affair with her then husband. She recently wrote on her Twitter account: “I’m pitching in NYC in about a week.Later she added, “GIRL POWER advice of the day – Don’t EVER be the ‘other’ woman!!!!”

          • Anonymous

            Girl power advice of the day should be “Get over him, and move on already. It’s been three years!”

          • Anonymous

            What makes you think that Brandi isn’t over Eddie? Because she is planning on releasing a book that she has been working on since Leann exposed Eddie’s affair with her to US Weekly? So then by your own logic that would mean that Elin and Sandra weren’t over it or had moved on when they gave exclusive interviews to People magazine about their husband’s affairs, right? And what about Elizabeth Edwards, Mary Jo Eustace, and Jennifer Sanford? These are all women who wrote books about their husbands affairs, some of the books came years after the incidents. So are you saying that these women haven’t moved on because they opted to tell their stories?

            BTW, isn’t Leann Rimes releasing a new album about her affair with Eddie? So it’s okay for Leann to keep giving interviews about her affair with Eddie(doesn’t Leann have a special interview with Maya Angelou coming up where she discusses her affair with Maya?), and to even write an entire album about it, but it’s not okay for Brandi to write a book about it?

            Here’s some advice for GIRL POWER: Stop acting like these women are the villians simply because they are telling their stories and stop treating the mistresses like they are the victims and patting them on their backs when they give interviews and make albums about their affairs with married men.

  9. Anonymous

    more! more! more! more staged photo ops please!
    i love this whole family, mom, dad and especially bonus-mom. been a fan of hers for at least ten years. i think the kids are simply adorable and may be best looking celeb kids out there!

    • Anonymous

      And someone said that Leann Rimes doesn’t send her twitter fans(with whom Leann rewards with gifts and personal meetings when they harass and stalk Eddie’s ex-wife) and friends to these sites, including here, to make posts in defense of Leann and to influence others?

      In Leann and Eddie’s case, more, more, more staged photo-ops is a very bad thing. With the public orgy that Leann and her friend Liz put on over the weekend for Eddie while the two kids were with them, any staged photo-ops that are released at this point isn’t going do Leann or Eddie any good. Now why would Leann have a druken orgy on a balcony with Liz while they had the kids? Leann and Eddie are not a family. Eddie made it very clear that his marriage to Leann is nothing more than a business arrangement, where Leann PAYS him to play the devoted husband. Eddie doesn’t even respect Leann, two sites are pointing out how he cheered Leann and Liz on as they made out on the balcony over the weekend.

      • Anonymous

        Now THOSE are photos I’d like to see!! Where can I find them?? Do you know what site they are on??

        • Anonymous

          And someone said that Leann doesn’t send her fans and friends to these sites to make posts in her defense.

          Now, now, why are you playing dumb? Didn’t you pull this same stunt in the previous thread where you attempted to argue that there weren’t any staged photo-ops of Leann and Eddie, despite the fact that their faces were being plastered all over the internet? It’s obvious from your responses that you have seen the photos and know exactly where to find them. You do realize that you are not helping yourself with these comments, but then again Leann’s fans are not very bright in the first place. They really seem to think that responses like @1:03 are clever. Besides, didn’t you claim that you have been a fan of Leann’s for how long and you don’t know where to find photos of her? In fact don’t you do that quite often in several threads? You claim to be a avid fan and then ask the other posters where they can find photos of the celeb? You did that in the Jeffrey Dean and Hillary thread and someone called you out on it.

          But keep up the good work, I’m sure that Leann is going to need it, the backlash against her and Eddie is getting really bad. Many people are disgusted by the fact that they set up the druken orgy while they were on vacation with the kids.

  10. Anonymous

    Can this site EVER post a photo of this woman WITHOUT mentioning her husband and his mistress? In fifteen years, will they still be mentioning them whenever a photo of her is posted?

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