Guess Who Revealed: Lisa Marie Presley’s Twins

Lisa Marie Presley was spotted with her 3-year-old twin girls Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love on a park playdate in Malibu, Calif. on Monday (March 12).

Lisa Marie, who is the only child of legendary singer Elvis Presley, watched over the kids with husband Michael Lockwood.

The mom-of-four recently said she got emotional when she first saw her childhood objects being displayed at Graceland in an exhibit called Elvis…Through His Daughter’s Eyes.

Lisa Marie said, “I walked in with my twins [Harper and Finley], looked around, and I gasped. I couldn’t tell if I was going to laugh or cry. It was like that show This is Your Life. I walked in and there was my tiny little first record player, my first faux fur coat, the key to the golf cart my father had given me for my birthday that I probably hadn’t seen in 35 years.”

* Editor’s Note: We apologize for the misleading image in our “Guess Who” post. The curly-haired child was not one of the twins. Oops!

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  1. Anon

    Lisa Marie Presley’s girls!

  2. Anonymous

    Dolly and Charlie O’Connell

  3. Anonymous

    I thought about the Kennedy’s since i don’t think there’s a family more famous in America than them lol. But i don’t even know if there are twins in that family.

    But, it could be Lisa Marie’s twin girls as well. Another very famous family. Though im not sure if the one in blue is boy or girl. We need a better angle.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m guessing Lisa Marie Presley’s twins!

  5. Lissa

    Lisa Marie Presley’s twins.

  6. Anonymous

    Charlie and Dolly Romjin -Stamos.

  7. kim

    Lisa marie presleys twin dont have curly hair and they are older arent they?? but I have no clue who they are !!

  8. popsykl

    one looks like lisa marie……one must have had a perm pmsl

  9. Sophia

    I really don’t think the one of the left could possibly be Harper or Finley, because a) not to make gender stereotypes, but I’m pretty sure that’s a boy, and b) every previous photo of the Lockwood twins has shown them both to have very straight hair, so unless one of them has suddenly sprouted a full head of tight ringlets I just don’t think it could be one of Lisa Marie Presley’s girls. But the child on the right actually does look a lot like Harper/Finley, so my guess is that this is a photo of one of the girls, and the boy (?) is a friend’s child or something, photographed by mistake. That’s my guess.

  10. Anabelle

    I think I’ll say Harper and Finley too, even though, to be honest, I did assume the child on the left was a boy. But the girl on the right looks an awful lot like Lisa Marie Presley did as a little girl.

  11. Annie_S

    Dennis Quaid’s twins Thomas and Zoe ?

  12. Catherine

    Knox and Vivian Jolie- Pitt?

  13. Anonymous

    Molly Ringwald’s twins?

  14. Anonymous

    Catherine – obviously you’ve never seen the Jolie-Pitt twins because I know for a FACT, it’s not them! And it’s definitely not Dolly & Charlie.

  15. Ebonita

    I don’t know who they are, but given that the clue is they’re from “one of the most famous families in history” I’m gonna have to disagree that they could be the Romijn-O’Connell twins. =)

  16. Anonymous

    I could be wrong but I thinks CBS may have chosen an incorrect photo for this game of “guess who”.
    I believe the child on the right is definitely either Harper or Finlay Lockwood however, I don’t think the child on the left is their sibling.
    Only time will tell I suppose.

  17. AvaElizabeth

    My first thought were also the Presley Twins, but I also must say, that the left one looks like a boy.. But which family has twins and is more famous than the Presleys?

    So I keep staying on and say, they’re the Presley-Twins.

    Definately not Dolly and Charlie and not Knox and Vivienne 🙂

    Maybe could be also the Ringwald- or Quaid-Twins, I don’t know,
    but I’m from Germany and for me the Presleys are more famous than the other two.

    So, I’m really interested when they reveal the answer! 🙂

    Many greetings from Germany!

  18. Pippa

    PEOPLE…it’s one of the most famous families in “HISTORY”, not Hollywood. NOT Dolly and Charlie and not Knox and Vivienne. I really have no idea who they are, but these comments are cracking me up….”Dolly and Charlie Romijn-STAMOS”??? Lol. John Stamos was her first husband and NOT the father of her children.
    Molly Ringwald? Dennis Quaid? They’re not even the most famous families in Hollywood, let alone HISTORY.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s funny because the curly headed kid looks like one of Charlie Sheen’s sons, but the one on the right is definitely a girl and not a Sheen.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s funny because the curly headed kid looks like one of Charlie Sheen’s sons, but the one on the right is definitely a girl and not a Sheen.

  21. Calla

    The kid with the curly hair is a boy. If you look at the last picture it is of the second twin. Her hair is done differently then the girl in the other pictures.

  22. Anonymous

    Are we sure the curly-haired child is not a friend, i.e. not one of the twins?

  23. AvaElizabeth

    Now we know, the left child in the pic isn’t one of the twins definately.

    One of the girls is wearing black-white stripes and has something red in her hair *sorry, don’t know the correct word in english* and the other is wearing the same dress, but in brown-pink-stripes and has something blue in her hairs.

    It’s really a li’l bit silly to show a pic and let the people guessing when you show a false kid in the pic *g*

  24. Anonymous

    Yeah, the child in the blue t shirt is not the other twin.
    The child in the last photo with the man is the other twin. Different shoes, different hairstyles, and slightly different dress.

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