Happy 3rd Birthday Max & Bob Sheen!

Names: Max & Bob Sheen

Date of Birth: March 14, 2009

Parents: Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

Siblings: Sam, 8, Lola, 6, & Cassandra Estevez, 27


  • Max & Bob were born in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday night
  • Their due date was April 26th but they made their debut 6 weeks early after Brooke was hospitalized for early contractions in February 2009
  • Brooke threw her sons a 3rd birthday bash on Saturday (March 10) at a local park in Los Angeles, Calif. complete with school pals and a bounce house
  • After a troubled past of addictions, rehab & restraining orders, both Brooke & Charlie currently share custody of their sons


“Forget being a babies’ room. If I had a room like that growing up at any point, I would have been over the moon!” Charlie on his boys’ nursery.

“They’re fabulous. They’re just so perfect, I love them so much. I hope to be the best mother I could be. Everything else is secondary.” – Brooke on her adorable boys.

“Brooke looked so happy and the boys were in heaven. They seemed so glad to be with their mom and just running around being regular kids. And when the birthday cake came, they went wild!” – source present at Max & Bob’s 3rd birthday bash.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids, a lot of time with the family and I’m getting back into work mode. I’m a single guy hanging out with my children.” – Charlie on spending time with his four children.

“The boys are having a wonderful time. Everybody’s healthy and happy.” – Brooke on her boys.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

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