Sarah Drew Introduces Son Micah Emmanuel

Meet baby Micah!

After being together for 12 years, Sarah Drew and her husband, professor Peter Lanfer, welcomed their 7-pound, 3.6-ounce bundle of joy into the world on January 18.

“Micah’s a really easy baby,” the Grey’s Anatomy star gushes to Life & Style about 2-month-old son Micah — who even accompanies his mommy to work. “He’s pretty chill!”

Sarah, 31, had to be induced a few weeks early because of a scare during her third trimester, but mama and baby are both happy and healthy. “Micah’s been holding his head up since he was born,” Sarah says. “And he’s outgrown his first pyjamas already. He’s too tall for them!”

As far as adding to their growing family, Sarah says she’s like “maybe two or three” children in total.

See all the exclusive photos of Sarah’s new bundle of joy in this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if these celebrities are always telling the truth? I’d love to hear a ‘well he’s not the best sleeper but we’re managing’. Or ‘he has his fussy times but overall he’s a good baby’. Every celebrity baby is just so easy. How nice for them.

    • Kate

      Probably because they have nannies that care for them at night so they don’t have to really deal with it! I think all babies would seem easy, or at least easier, if parents had a couple extra people to help care for them.

      • Anonymous

        I’m more inclined to think that celebs take better care of themselves overall, don’t usually have the same weight gain, probably have a team of nutritionists and exercise available. The best medical care, the best baby care, the best of everything. That could potentially make for a happier baby.

        Compare that to the woman next door to me, who was already 40 lbs overweight, gained another 50 while pregnant, worked at a store on her feet every day until she delivered, saw a ‘group’ of doctors through a clinic, went through 46 hours of labor, left the hospital the next day and returned home to care for a newborn along with her 3 other kids, while her husband went back to work the very same day.

        It’s a different life. No wonder celeb babies are so peaceful!!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with the both of you. It’s a whole different life they lead, whether they want to admit it or not.

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