Amanda Holden & Hollie: Snuggle Time

Amanda Holden has been keeping busy since the birth of her 2-month-old daughter Hollie. The Britain’s Got Talent judge loves to take the baby everywhere with her. She recently took to her Twitter account to post a picture of her and the newborn at a photo shoot.

She wrote: “Hollie keeping Mama company on S magazine shoot. Xxx”

Earlier on she showed off a picture of her hairdresser Ben Cooke holding Hollie.

“At photoshoot for S magazine with @BenCookeHair my hair dresser playing nanny!”

Holden – who also has 5-year-old Lexi with husband Chris Hughes – has talked about her excitement on being back on the reality show.

She shared, “I never get bored of BGT. It’s the best job in the world and this year is going to be more brilliant and barmy than ever before. I’m looking for acts that will give me goose bumps. I’ve recently given birth so audiences can expect plenty of waterworks and impassioned speeches from me!’

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Photo credit: Amanda Holden's Twitter


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This woman is so self absorbed. She apparantly had such a traumatic birth and lost so much blood she nearly died but still managed to be well enough for work 2 weeks later.
Why is she naked in this picture? In England it was reported she was having some skin contact with her baby…..the baby is clothed. She just seems to never fail to exploit a situation for some publicity.


A bit of jealousy maybe ?

from me?? Ha no.. I have 4 children and have had terrible births and great ones. I would never use my experiences for personal gain and wouldnt exploit my children for fame. Each to their own and all that but personally I wanted more than two weeks with my baby before I went to work. You are only just getting to know them. I find it almost impossible to believe that someone can nearly die and be back at work 2 weeks later. I did nearly die whilst pregnant with my second child and was lucky to come through it… Read more »