Lily Collins Says Julia Roberts Is A Great Mom

Multi Grammy Award-winner Phil Collins created a very talented young lady! His daughter, actress Lily Collins, 22, portrays Snow White in the upcoming flick Mirror, Mirror alongside none other than screen queen Julia Roberts.

Lily opens up to Breezy Mama about her close relationship with her mother, working with the Pretty Woman and her interactions 7-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 4½-year-old Henry.

“This is the biggest film that I’ve done to date,” Lily boasts. How did Phil’s little girl become the latest up-and-comer in Hollywood?

If I was to name a person that has helped me become who I am today, my mom,” Lily says. “My mom and I are best friends. And there’s never been a topic that’s too awkward or too weird to talk about. She’s always made me feel really, really comfortable. And we share clothes. We go shopping together. I send her my scripts. We just communicate on pretty much everything.”

Lily also opens up about working with legendary actress Julia Roberts.

“She’d be mean to me on camera, in character, and the moment they yelled cut, she’s back to being this mom who is so lovely and able to switch in and out,” Lily says.

And according to Lily, Julia is also working on creating strong bonds with her three little ones.

Her kids were on set almost all the time with her,” Lily shares.” And first and foremost on set, she was a mother. And she didn’t want her kids seeing her being mean to me, because she didn’t want that to taint their vision of her. Whatever it was, the most important thing is that she’s a mom. And I really respected that about her, even in a work environment.”

Lily has several half-siblings from her father’s side. Phil is also dad to daughter Joely, 39, son Simon, 35, and younger sons Nicholas and Matthew.

Lily’s mother is Phil’s second wife, Jill Tavelman. The Sussudio singer has been married and divorced three times.

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