Willow Smith Shows Her Style

The famous daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was spotted out doing some shopping in New York City on Thursday (March 15).

Willow Smith, 11, was sporting her new hair style – the bluey-green shave while wearing a pair of ultra skinny jeans and some funky footwear.

The Whip My Hair singer is scheduled to release her first album, Knees and Elbows, this April. The album title was essentially the theme of her inspiration. “Everybody falls down and scrapes their knees and elbows but they eventually get back up.”

She added, “It’s gonna make [the listeners] feel like they have control over their lives and can do what they want to do and be the person they want to be.”

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com, Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    that thing scares me!!

  • Anonymous

    Good Lord.

    What the heck does she look like? Apart from anything else, she’s 11 and her spine is still growing, those ridiculous fugly shoes are about the worst thing she can do to it.

    Hello? Parents?

  • Nina87

    She deserves zero attention. She is famous for absolutely nothing. Any girl down the street could have belched out “I whip my hair” at 11 too. She is shamelessly pimped out by her parents and probably likes the attention now, but when she turns 25 I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote a tell-all book whining about how she didn’t have a childhood.

    • Deelze

      Ok tell’um why you mad Nina87… LOL your comment is tooo funny! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    she has her own unique style remember she is only 11 at the crossraods of being a child and a tween

  • lola

    An 11 year old wearing “high heels”….. quite sickening!!!

  • NYCMommy

    Wow those are some funky shoes. Not sure if I would allow my 11 year old to wear them, I would be afraid they would fall off them and break their ankle.

  • Anonymous

    everyones hating…shes having fun..yeah her style is UGLY but whatever..when i was 11 i had green hair and a funky style and wore some weird stuff…not as weird as those shoes though lol…at least she is trying to inspire young people and give them hope..so many singers/bands dont do that now n days they sing about sex,drugs and killing people…good for her for trying

  • Anonymous

    This kid is a nightmare waiting to happen. What a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    She is 11. Where are her parents? I never see them with her. Good luck child.

  • an32

    Will Smith said this about his kids when Jaden first started acting:
    “Jaden is Johnny Depp. He just wants to do good work. He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies.

    “And Willow is Paris Hilton. Willow wants to be on TV.”

  • Anonymous

    This is not a person I would want my child looking up to. She looks like an absolute fool.

  • Anonymous

    I think Willow is looking for attention, first she started dress in attention seeking clothes once the media moved on fromvthat, she cut all her hair off when the attention die down from that, she dyed her hair green now that focuse is gone off her again she out in these high heel and has once again she got people’s attention and talking about her.


    “She trying to inspire young people and give them hope”, really becasue wearing high heels is so “inspirational” to kids, The only thing she showing them that shock value is the way to get attention from others.

  • SMH

    When I was 11. I was 11. There would be no way you could get me to wear heels not even for dress up!! We didn’t worry about fashion or how we looked. We were kids running around getting muddy, playing school/house, making up games. I think it’s sad I don’t think kids even know how to be kids today! But I only feel blessed that I was a 90’s kid I would not want to be a kid growing up in 2012!

  • LaKesha

    When I was 11, I wore crazy colored clothes and plastice bracelets up my arm. I was 11, it was allowed. I will never understand why adults sit around trashing a child and why this site allows it. She is talented, and deserves whatever fame comes from that. Her parents do not go on stage and perform for her, she does!

    • Anonymous

      If deserves whatever fame comes from that than that mean the negative side as well becasue that what comes with the price of fame.

  • Sujinah

    I don’t see how this could be “okay”, simply because she is 11. And she just wants the attention. I bet if she was not famous, she wouldn’t be close to dressing like this.

  • chrisii

    eugghh what a spoiled brat,id never let my kids get this way,its disgusting

  • Anonymous27

    Really stupid and ugly shoes, especially for an 11 years old.
    She looks like a mess already.

  • RONI

    I love the Smith’s, they are brillant entertainers, but they have really missed it with Willow, she’s 11. She has plenty of time to become an entertainer and they can afford to guide her into any direction she wishes. They are depriving her of a childhood, she will miss it eventually although she not aware of it yet. She is a beautiful child and ever so talented. She is probably gifted, and it will always have the gift.

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