Katie Holmes & Suri: Day Out With Grandma

Suri Cruise was treated to a day of fun with her mom Katie Holmes and grandmother Kathleen in New York City on Tuesday (March 20). Wearing a hot pink dress – Suri browsed around Make Meaning where she grabbed a few toys.

Later on in the evening the ladies took the almost 6-year-old out to dinner at ABC Kitchen.

For the meal out Katie wore a white sweater with jeans while Suri had on heart pajamas with a purple jacket.

The pair will soon be joining Tom Cruise on the set of his latest film in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The movie is untitled but is an action thriller.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Splash News


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  1. Anonymous

    She is Walking ! except for that one photo of her beening carried
    she takes after her mothers height

  2. Digadig

    That pink dress is so cute and so is Suri. And the purple jacket is cute too. It looks like suede. Nothing less than the best for Suri! Katie is so pigeon-toed. I think she is very pretty in pictures (when she puts on a little makeup) but when you see her walking on a video she looks like a big goober. lol. Sorry Katie, but these blogs are for us to rip on other people so we feel better about ourselves! haha

  3. Anonymous

    Their are new pictuer were she being carried again.

  4. Nina D.

    Wow! I can’t believe how big Suri is! Cute dress.

  5. Pippa

    she is being carried inside a store, no less, which makes all of the people who say she is carried because of the paps, wrong. She is carried because she wants to be carried and what Suri wants, Suri gets. End of story.

  6. Anonymous

    What a beautiful mother and daughter. I prefer Katie like this, natural-looking, instead of done up. She looks so young.

  7. Sue

    I see Suri, bur which one is the grandmother, lol Katie sure has aged!

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