Tabitha & Loretta Broderick: Daycare Darlings

This past Sunday Matthew was thrown a surprise 50th birthday party by Parker. Their 9-year-old son James Wilkie wowed guests at the River Cafe by singing The Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun.

It seems like just yesterday the actor rose to fame in his iconic role of Ferris Bueller. In a past interview he once said he was happy he made the effort to veer away from that type.

He explained, “It’s not that I didn’t want to be typecast, I just wanted to make sure my career could withstand being identified with such an, as you say, iconic character. It’s like when, back in the old days, if you were cast as Superman, it was hard for audiences to see you as anything else. So, as silly as it sounds now, that part almost had people thinking of me as that guy. So I was just trying to make sure I had a career, and I did, so no complaints.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Daycare AND a nanny? Isn’t it one or the other? What does nanny do while they are in daycare? I know, I know, celebs live in a different world…

    • Helen

      both my parents worked so i went to daycare during the day and my nanny would take me there and pick me up and look after me at home until my parents got home…we weren’t particularly rich but that was the only way…it’s good for kids to socialise and not spend all day with their nanny…

  2. Anonymous

    Well its probably more of a preschool. They obviously do projects and they get to socialize with other kids.

  3. Liv

    The one with lighter hair looks SO much like Matthew Broderick.1

  4. Allie

    They aren’t in daycare. They go to preschool.

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