Jeremy Sisto Reveals Son’s Name: Bastian Kick

More than a week after their new son’s birth, actor Jeremy Sisto and his wife Addie Lane have settled on a name: “Little man finally told us his name; BASTIAN KICK SISTO,” the Suburgatory star Tweeted tonight.

During an appearance on Live! with Kelly last week, Jeremy admitted they were struggling to find that perfect name, saying, “My wife is stressed about [naming him], but I’m hoping something magical happens. . . that makes me think, ‘Oh, well of course this is supposed to be his name.'”

Baby Bastian Kick joins big sister Charlie Ballerina, 2.

Congratulations to them again!

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  1. ChiTownEggHead

    I’m guessing it’s pronounced like Sebastian? Thats not too bad.
    Congratulations to Jeremy and his family.

  2. Anonymous

    Kick?? Kick??? Ok… Kick it will be…

  3. Courtney

    @Chitownegghead you would be correct Bastian is a variant of Sebastian and I’m guessing it’s either a family name or he’s named after the blowfish in the Little mermaid

  4. Anonymous

    That’s like almost naming your kid Michael but calling him Chael.

  5. Anonymous

    Bastian is a normal name for me, like the hero in The NeverEnding Story.

  6. May

    Bastian is fine, but kick? Like, Kick, stop kicking your sister! How awful.

    • Anonymous

      Well they would never say that sentence because Kick is his middle name. Open your mind ‘May’, you don’t have to pick the same boring names as everyone else.

      • May

        Gee, did you suck a lemon? Some parents do call their kids by their middle names. Many parents, actually. And kick is not a name, it’s a verb.

      • May

        Gee, did you suck a lemon today? Some parents call their kids by their middle names. Many of them do. Kick, is not a name, it’s a verb. Just because I don’t name my kids ‘run’ or ‘wash’, doesn’t mean I’m boring.

        • Anonymous

          Well parents should name their kids what they want to call them, that kind of makes sense right? If they wanted to call him Kick they would of named him Kick Bastian.
          And most names are nouns, professions, flowers, cities……just because it’s a ‘name’ doesn’t mean it can’t also be something else. For example, ‘May’ is a month. Would you like everyone to say “May, that’s not a NAME, that’s a MONTH!!” Do you say to your sister “MAY I kick you?” see how that works? open……your………..mind………..

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you, but seriously, kick is not a very positive word… It’s kind of a creepy choice to name your child, like Ruby Violence, Thoas Hate… Bastian Kick is the same for me

          • Anonymous

            Yeah I can see that. I didn’t think of it negatively when I first heard it though. To me it’s just a sporty, boyish name. Like Race or Blaze.

          • May

            I agree. And my mind is wide open. But how the other poster said, kick is not a good thing. Their other child is Charlie Ballerina, which is not common, but a ballerina is a nice person/girl, and that’s cute. Not my place to judge, it was just a comment.

          • Anonymous

            Then why did you say they shouldn’t use it as a name because it’s a verb??? That’s the stupidest comment i’ve ever heard. Not liking the name is one thing, eveyone has their opinion. But it’s not up to you to decide what can be a name and what can’t.

  7. anonymous

    I like it. Atleast it’s not another Max or Jayden.

  8. Anonymous

    I love when parents actually put some thought into their childs name, instead of picking one off the top 10 list.

  9. Anonymous

    I like the name Sebastian and I understand Bastian is very popular in some countries…and it is cute. But every time I hear it, it sounds like a$$ chin.

    Congrats nonetheless.

  10. mandy000

    will it just get worse this celebrity crazy name thing???? let me guess he kicked alot? join the club sheesh… you dont see me naming my child emma vomit

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