Kingston & Zuma Rossdale: Playing In The Park

It was a fun day at the park for Kingston and Zuma Rossdale!

The two kids of No Doubt lead singer, Gwen Stefani, and Bush rocker, Gavin Rossdale, were out enjoying the sunshine in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (March 24). Kingston, 5, was cruising around on his bike and three-year old Zuma zipped around on his scooter. The little guy took a rough spill but dusted himself off and started zooming around again – with his helmet this time.

The boys each had a turn wearing the funky helmet with the red Mohawk.

The Don’t Speak singer has been back in the studio working hard with her old band mates. No Doubt is expected to release a new album this year.

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Photo credit: Splash


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  1. Anonymous

    I see they dyed the kid’s hair again…

  2. Anonymous

    I love these 2 brothers but stop dying his damn hair! Geez.

  3. Anonymous

    They are both so cute but they should stop dying Kingston’s hair.

  4. Anonymous

    Please can somebody tell me where to find those helmets.

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