Andrea Bocelli Welcomes Baby No. 3

Congratulations to Andrea Bocelli, 53, and Veronica Berti, 28!

The opera singer and his fiancée and manager welcomed daughter Virginia on March 21, Life & Style reports.

A devout Catholic, the Italian tenor hope to marry his fiancée soon. “Naturally, when two people feel like we do, they want to make it a permanent arrangement,” the singer said. “I hope it will happen from the religious and spiritual point of view but it is a legal matter.”

The Time To Say Goodbye singer is already dad to sons Amos, 17, and Matteo, 15, with ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti.

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    • Anonymous

      I was just going to say the same thing! Maybe it’s just a bad picture though?

      Also, on side note, my parents are same age at Andrea and I’m also 28 like Veronica. I know every one and every relationship is different but I couldn’t imagine being someone the same age at my mum or dad; too weird for me. And before anyone starts bashing, I’m just saying it’s not something I would personally do. That’s all.

  1. Anonymous

    I thought the exact same thing lol!

    That lady looks way older than 28. Unless it’s just a bad pic.

  2. Anonymous

    He calls himself a devout Catholic and yet he had a child out of wedlock?

  3. Anonymous

    If she is 28 then I am a fetus lol

  4. Anonymous

    She is actually 31 and this is not a very flattering photo of either of them

  5. Anonymous

    I thought they were already married. anyway I consider him the best musician and nicest person I ve “known” in my lifetime. I recently became aware of Bocelli’s amazing talent and so have also been learning some things about him personally. I believe he is very sincerely spiritual and it comes across beautifully, profoundly and “heart-touching” in his “Stradivarous” voice in his singing. I appreciate him so much I & would not presume to judge their wedding date. I am happy to give them privacy. Since I understand him to be a wonderful person I jjust wish this couple all the happiness God has to offer, and their family as well.
    I consider it very tacky to make comments about subjective judgements concerning his wife’s appearance. She is not in a beauty competition. She is a lady in love. Would any of these people judging her appearance in any photo like to have photos of themselves judged and commented on, especially in their life’s private and or precious moments? Perhaps they could consider for a moment if they would like people judging their mother’s looks when she was bringing them home after birth. Both Andrea Bocelli and Veronica have a high level of “inner beauty” or spiritual beauty as I know of them and I also consider him very handsome and she is beautiful as well.

  6. Anonymous

    What was the point of saying he his a devout catholic? He clearly isn’t lol!

  7. Anonymous

    What was the point of saying he his a devout catholic? He clearly isn’t lol!

    • dolly tee

      what a bunch of uncharitable hippocrits like you never had a friend or someone whose marriage didnt work but they had to go living and stillbe a good person catholic or whatever. she is beautiful and pregnant how would you expect her to look with two other babies to care for and a husband who is blind. shame on all of yo.

  8. Paula Capriglione

    I appreciate him , I understand and I will not judge. Neither should you.Andrea keep doing what your doing, I love your music and I hope you can sing forever. Tanti Bacci!

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