Lourdes Leon Is Caught Smoking In New York City

Lourdes Leon may have to do some explaining to her mom Madonna.

The 15-year-old was photographed smoking a cigarette amongst her friends in New York City on Friday (March 23). The Daily Mail reports that she even tried to hide the cigarette – lit by a male friend – in her hand by holding it upside down as she walked along.

Lourdes is living the life of an extraordinary teenager. She’ll be leaving school early to join her mom in Israel in May. That’s where she’ll be joining the backstage dancers performing on Madonna’s world tour.

A source says, “It is the first time Lourdes will have appeared on stage with her mum. There are risqué dancers and some blatantly sexual dance routines – but Madonna is really excited about Lourdes making an appearance.”

In the meantime Madonna is busy promoting her new album MDNA. She even did a Facebook chat with Jimmy Fallon on Saturday (March 24).

“I thought it would be best to talk to my fans,” she said.

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  1. Anonymous

    she looks so much like her mother when Madonna was YOUNGER
    not the plastic surgery Madonna of right now
    I not surprised she smokes does her mother smoke?
    shes grown up in the public eye and probably around adults her whole life
    celebrity barts.. a aimless pointless life

  2. Anonymous

    Well, Madonna herself is encouraging people to use ecstasy, so i don’t think she would mind seeing her daughter smoking.

  3. Anonymous

    Madonna is pretty health conscious. I doubt she smokes. You’d think she could smell the smoke on her daughter. Maybe she knows about it and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. How can your stop a teenager from smoking if they want to? I doubt it’s possible.

  4. Sujinah

    Sometimes, I feel like I am one of the last sane teens on this planet.

  5. Anonymous

    Oh please, no need for overdramatics. She’s a teenager acting like one. Teenagers experiment, they just don’t happen to have paparazzi following them around all the time to catch them. She’s likely not a smoker, but tries it socially. Madonna’s not a smoker, but she’s done it in movies and videos like others have. Celebrity or not, lots of teens have tried out smoking or other things, many times behind their parents’ backs.

  6. Anonymous

    Well how old is she? 15? The most (ex-)smokers i know startet smoking with 12 … I know this is far from legal but if they want to smoke they always find a way to do it.
    (I don’t smoke and i personally don’t like to be near a smoker)

  7. SMH

    Well you know its illegal to buy cigarettes under 18. And its illegal to drink under 21. Only difference is if u are caught drinking u can get arrested but somehow no penalties for being seen smoking??. I think teens try things its normal but lets face facts smoking is nasty & a bad habit to quit. But it is what it is.

  8. Anonymous

    I doubt she would want her child to smoke, however, she was having kids young enough to be her children cheer about using drugs at an appearance this weekend. If you are super strict with your kids like not letting them watch TV, but then have a public persona that is the opposite, you shouldnt be surprised when they don’t follow your rules.

  9. Anonymous

    she looks like jessica alba.

  10. Anonymous

    she looks like jessica alba.

  11. Anonymous

    This “she’s a teenager” excuse shouldn’t fly. It’s not okay for a 15 year old to be smoking. Shame on whoever provided it for her, too. I think Madonna letting her go on tour with her is not a very smart idea. She’s leaving school for it. Even worse. But she’s a celebrity, so it’s okay.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody said it was “okay”, but she’s a teenager and they do a LOT of things they shouldn’t. I think all people are saying is that it’s not abnormal and you shouldn’t bash her for doing something that LOTS of teenagers do.

  12. SMH

    It’s funny to see Madonna let her daughter dress provacatively in a dance routine, smoke cigarettes, skip school yet she doesn’t allow her children to watch television LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Get off your high horse. A teenager is acting like a teenager. Shock. Horror.

      In what dance routine have you seen her dance provocatively? So far the only gossip is coming from the Daily Mail. Madonna has stated that while she is taking her children with her, Lourdes might just helping out with wardrobe or something behind the scenes. Madonna does not allow her to smoke nor skip school and nobody is saying she actually is skipping school. She was photographed doing something that a lot of teens end up trying, but they don’t happen to have the misfortune of being stalked all the time.

      You know she has peers, right? She can visit their homes, access the internet, and watch movies, so it’s not like she lives in a bubble and there is only so much Madonna can do about what she’s exposed to. No matter how much Madonna might restrict certain things and/or advise her daughter, ultimately as a teenager, she’s going to end up valuing the opinion of her peers more and is going to try to look “cool” to them. Madonna restricts her kids’ access to TV when they are little because she prefers that they read, have an active imagination, participate in sports or dance, instead of being couch potatoes. It’s how she was raised too.

  13. irene

    I don’t understand why people are bashing a teen for acting like a teen. For being Madonna’s daughter, she acts pretty normal. And even if smoking is a behavior that should concern HER parents, I believe it is a miracle that she is not starring yet in her own reality TV show. Reality TV shows have proved to be more damaging and self destructive than smoking a few cigarets because you are a teen experimenting life. To all judgmental people, GET A LIFE!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    smoking isn’t all that BRAT does!

  15. Anonymous

    She looks like Emmy Rossum from “Shameless” meets Jessica Alba. NOT MADONNA when she was a teenager. Go look at Madonna’s old photos again. She really looks a lot like daddy Carlos Leon too.

  16. Anonymous

    She diesn’t look anything like Emmy Rossum or the beautiful Jessica Alba. This sad girl is the splinting image of her Cuban father.

  17. Mar

    Get a life.
    This kid is still better than most of you.

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