Shauna Sand & Family: Beach Bums

Former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand was spotted spending the day with her 14-year-old daughter Alexandra and her 25-year-old husband Laurent Homburger on the beach in Miami, Florida today (March 27).

The 40-year-old siren – who is also mother to Victoria, 12, and 11-year old Isabella with ex-husband Lorenzo Lamas – rocked a pinkish string bikini as she held hands with her hubby and walked the beach. It seems Alexandra – who wore a purple two-piece and oversized hat for her day in the sun – has inherited her mother’s penchant for high heels. The young girl was pictured wearing a pair of peep toe stilettos while her mother opted for her pair of signature white wedges.

Shauna’s former step-daughter Shayne Lamas recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the questionable fashion sense her step-mother has and what kind of effect it has on her younger half-sisters.

“I don’t worry about my sisters dressing like their mom, because they are embarrassed of it,” she reveals.

I remember when my mom would wear crazy things like fringe that I thought wasn’t cool back in the day and I was embarrassed, that is how they are. She is their mother and they love their mother, but they look at her like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? You are not taking me to school in that!’ As they are getting older, they are now putting their foot down and saying, ‘You cannot come to school in that and that.’ I think it is good and also a little bit sad that someone has to tell her mother that she cannot come to school in that. It is sad, like, how does that even happen? She just didn’t get the maternal instinct. Either that, or she is just psycho, both of those are true. I am not making anything up here, so I don’t know what to say.”

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Photo credit: Splash News/Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    that really should be illegal. she is pimping out her 14-year old daughter. digusting. what a role model. completely unfit mother if you ask me even by hollywood standards. where is her father in all of this? My daughter would be under house arrest for the rest of her life if she attempted to go out in public like that. disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree that a child should be dressed like that, but don’t overdramatize. You really need to understand the word “pimp” before you u use it.

    • Mar

      what? are you kidding right? Shauna Sand is a s**t and all but PIMPING OUT her daughter for wearing a bikini while walking down the beach!?

  • Anonymous

    I’d be so embarrassed if she was my mother. And a 14 year old in high heels? Can’t be good for her feet.

  • Anonymous

    This woman is not a celebrity but a Playboy Playmate who made a name for herself by sleeping with a old man for money than marrying a real celebrity and sleeping with is under age son which happens to be her two younger daughters brother.

    The word role model went out the window for this woman years ago.

  • gemmalady

    They arent her step sisters they are her half sisters, and given that she clearly considers them her sisters, I see no need for cbb to term it any other way

  • NYCMommy

    I am in shock that anyone (even tacky stripper-like mom like this) would allow/encourage their 14 year old to wear such a getup. When I fist saw picture I thought it was two grown women. Also sad that her hubby is closer in age to her 14 year old. If I was the father of this child I would fight for full custody. Let a 14 year old be a 14 year old.

  • Nik Richie

    That is not my sister Alex. Get your facts right. That is some random girl.

  • Anonymous

    I initially would agree with the “pimp” comments but what I see is a 14 year old wearing a bikini on a beach.

  • Anonymous

    I have no words
    her daughter, the apple does not fall far from the tree

  • Anonymous

    Ridicolus and irresponsible parenting !

  • Janna

    Are you sure this is Alexandra? There are pictures on line of Lorenzo Lamas with the three girls last year. None of them looks anything like this girl.

  • Bink

    I’ll say it again: Eww!

  • Anonymous

    When the person you interviewed has to post a formal statement on how that is NOT their sister, maybe your irresponsible ‘reporters’ should take the story down. Who the hell could mistake that for a 14 year old anyway? The legs look at least 28. Go to lamas richie . com, shaynes statement is there.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “I just want to let everyone know that this girl is not my sister Alexandra. Alex lives in LA with my dad. Does that girl look 14 to anyone? Sorry, but Alex is not a Jenner.- sdlr”


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