Suri Cruise: Carrying Precious Cargo

Suri Cruise was seen leaving her Manhattan apartment in New York City on Monday (March 26). Suri, 5, carried her own basket of toys while being escorted by her bodyguard and nanny.

Wearing a polka-dot dress, purple jacket, and flats – she looked like she didn’t need any help.

She was on her way to the Foxwoods theater – where Katie Holmes is reportedly preparing for a role in Spiderman.

So far the nearly six-year-old has had a fun-filled week with her mom and grandmother Kathleen. She’s been seen at Chelsea Piers and gone pottery shopping.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Splash News

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see photos of this little girl, I think of Christina Onassis. She has so much, but I just feel likes she’s soooo sheltered (and probably has to be).

  • Anonymous

    She’s like a 40 year old woman in a 5 year olds body to me.

    • Anonymous

      What does that even mean?

      • Anonymous

        It means exactly what I said….her parents expect her to walk around acting like a grown woman instead of letting the poor child be a kid!!

        • pink

          What grown woman walks around with a Hello Kitty purse and a basket of toys unless they’re carrying it for their children? How is Suri not acting like a child?

          • Janna

            I’m glad you said that, because I don’t get it either. What about her appearance would make anyone think 40-year old woman?

  • Anonymous

    Imagine being 6 years old and needing a bodyguard? She is paying the price for her parents’ fame/

  • Dee

    Suri makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    It blows my mind how much this child looks like William Mapother!

  • Anonymous

    Something seems so off about this child. She’s always got a dark look on her face. I think we can all expect a nasty tell-all book when she’s an adult! LOL

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