5 Must-Haves From Camila Alves’ Handbag Collection MUXO

Brazilian model and soon-to-be Mrs. McConaughey, Camila Alves, has teamed up with her mami, Fatima, to design and create a handbag collection, MUXO, for QVC that’s inspired by Alves’ experiences in both New York and Brazil. MUXO, meaning the “Goddess of the Water,” has the colors and materials from Alves’ native Brazil, but also offers the practicality of a bag that allows you to hustle and bustle in NY making for a bohemian yet stylish everyday bag.

Check-out some samples of the bags at Latina.com before going on sale.

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  1. Anonymous

    Design some bags with wider, longer, cross body straps and I might be interested. That makes for a much more comfortable bag for a long day out shopping or whatever. These straps are too thin and not long enough but I guess it’s all about style.

  2. Anonymous

    Her made in china bags are cheap looking with poor quality – and they fall apart. You are better off going to TJ Max where you can buy Cole Haan bag for 100 bucks with great quality leather and design. Her original bags are somewhat cute, but come on, she is competing with LV, Gucci based on the price ….

  3. Cary

    I was going to say she did a hand bag line before and it did do so good because they look really cheap.

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