Amanda Peet & Her School Sweetie

Amanda Peet picked up 5-year-old Frankie from school in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (March 28). The actress held onto her daughter’s belongings while holding her hand across the street. Peet’s other daughter Molly, nearly 2, wasn’t seen with them.

Peet is currently in the NBC sitcom Bent. She recently gushed over her co-star David Walton – who plays her contractor in the show.

“He should be a movie star,” She says. “That he is not is astounding to me. I don’t think there is anyone like him. He is George Clooney mixed with Matt Dillon. He is stone-y, quick-witted. He’s weird, he’s not like anyone else.”

Married to David Benioff – who is the executive producer of HBO’s Game Of Thrones – she has talked about watching his show’s scenes with him.

She said, “It is so, so funny because I make him let me watch the rough cuts, then I scream at him and hit him when I see something I didn’t want to see. He has a sore shoulder. I’m his wife. I want to know.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Really enjoy hearing about this family 🙂 hope you’ll have more from them! I guess I’m over her vaccine comments and they seem like a really laid back family for the industry they are in….

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