Ludacris & Karma: Kids’ Choice Awards 2012

R&B superstar Chris ‘Ludacris‘ Bridges, 34, and his 10-year-old daughter Karma rocked Nickelodeon’s 25th Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (March 31).

The father-daughter duo wore T-shirts to promote, their educational website for kids in grades 1-6.

“She kept telling me how she wanted to be a singer, so I thought, ‘This is perfect, but it needs to be about what’s going on in your life,’ and her life right now is pretty much school,” the rapper said of their online venture.

After some brainstorming, the pair decided to create a site that taught kids real world lessons in addition to academics.

The site touches on subjects like the rewards of hard work and the importance of learning manners as well as the idea that doing good deeds for others will bring good into your life — which is the meaning of the word Karma,” Luda added.

According to the Grammy-winning artist, it’s crucial to know a thing or two about the business world; which is something he learned from his mother as a child.

“My mother taught me [about being an entrepreneur] at an early age and I’d like to pass on the same thing to my daughter,” he explains. “It’s about creating wealth, it’s about putting her in a position where she can be her own boss and learn early on about business.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Color me amused. This is a man who calls women bitches (and worse) in every one of his songs. Excuse me if I don’t choose to take lessons in manners from him.

    • Lakesha

      You do realize that he hasn’t recorded a song like that in the last decade or longer?

  • @larell718

    @Anonymous It is a website for kids so you should not need lessons in manners from him. This man is trying to do the right thing by his daughter and you bringing up his past. People do change.

    • Anonymous

      Pulleeze. I’m with the first Anonymous poster. People do not change. Neither him nor Jay Z.

      You’re telling me that one day they woke up and decided that the women on the planet WEREN’T bitches and hoes, they weren’t there for the sole purpose of cumming on their faces, or getting down on their knees?

      Alrighty, YOU raise YOUR kids to these two garbage men and see what you get.

  • @larell718

    Please second Anonymous. I already raised my kids (all three are sons) listening to both men and two of my sons are in college (1 graduates this year with a degree in Criminal Justice). My sixteen year old is a polite, respectful, studious high school student. I am a single mother and I did an excellent job. I also called other women bitches and hos and I changed so people can change.
    I raised my sons to believe that people should have forgiveness in their hearts for other people something you do not seem to have. I also raised them to learn from their mistakes, which I think Jay Z and Luda did!

    • Anonymous

      Really? So you’d be happy if your daughter dated Mike Tyson? You’d let your child be photographed by Roman Polanski? You’d let your kid be in a music video with R. Kelly?

      I don’t think so. . . . . . .

  • @larell718

    If I saw real change like I do with Luda, yes I would. We were not talking about them to begin with the post was about Ludacris and his daughter. Ludacris is not a rapist nor did he piss on anyone. He is a positive individual who has had a daughter and changed for the better. You cannot lump him in with the rest. Roman Polanski? Really? Next you will be pulling other ancients out like Charles Manson to compare to Luda’s calling women bitches and hos!! You’re a joke!!

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