Jessica Alba Shows Off Some New Ink

Actress Jessica Alba got a great start to the week, heading to a breakfast date in Beverly Hills, California this morning with her handsome husband Cash Warren and their sweet girls Honor, 3 1/2, and Haven, 7 months (April 1).

Making the most of the sunny day, the Valentine’s Day star later took the girls to a local park to play. When she shed her jacket Jessica showed off what looks to be a new tattoo: A large rose on her left upper arm.

The always stylish mama was also sporting a scarf, which seems to be her trademark accessory. In fact, she recently revealed why she rarely leaves home without one:

“I wear scarves, mostly because it’s an accessory that can dress up an outfit, so you’re not just wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. But it’s also because if my baby has an accident — and I’m holding the baby — I can cover that accident up! So I’m not walking around with a big puke stain or poo stain on my shirt!

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  1. Briana

    That has to be for April fools.

  2. Anonymous

    Her rep confirmed it is a fake tattoo that she had for the movie she just finished filming.

  3. Anonymous

    She had it in her recent twitter pictures from Atlanta where she was filming a new movie – I imagine it’s not real and for the movie.

  4. SMH

    hopefully it’s a joke. I dislike women with arm tattoos and I am someone that has tattoos but I would never do my arms. IDK why I just don’t like it.

  5. Anonymous

    Please tell me that that’s a fake tattoo.

  6. Anonymous

    That is hideous. Why did she do that to herself? Ugh.

  7. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with tattoos? More power to her-she is an adult.

  8. Anonymous

    I hope it’s a joke, she looks so much better without it.

  9. Nina D.

    It’s not real. It’s temporary for a film role.

  10. Tiff

    I read on another site that the tattoo is a temporary one for a movie that she is working on.

  11. Ondine

    Whyever would she mar her beauty w/ a hideous huge tattoo in such an obvious place? I’m praying its an April Fools joke for her sake and the sake of her career.

  12. Anonymous

    How completely hideous is that? She has such lovely skin, why ruin it with vile tattoo’s? Makes her look like some kind of biker or something. Yuk.

  13. Meemee

    Lord people, it’s fake. Do you honestly think someone of her caliber and perfectionism would have that hideous tattoo?? I think not. She is pure perfection in every form…….look at her perfect skin………..STYLE.
    What a beautiful person.

  14. Bella

    Nothing wrong with having tattoos and this is coming from someone who dosen’t have any. But the tat is for a movie so all you tattoo hater can calm down its fake.

  15. Anonymous

    It is a temporary (aka FAKE) tattoo for a movie she is doing!
    Jessica is not that tacky, so calm down everyone!

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