Happy 14th Birthday Paris Jackson!

Name: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

Date of Birth: April 3, 1998

Parents: Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe

Siblings: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 15, & Prince ‘Blanket’ Michael Jackson II, 10


  • Paris & her siblings tragically lost their father in 2009
  • Since that loss, they have been in the custody of their paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson
  • Paris is dabbling in an acting career and will be making her début in the film series Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys
  • Paris enjoys playing softball for her school team
  • She is also the only female member of her school’s flag football team


“You’re only young once and [I want her] to really have a wonderful time and enjoy it. She has the rest of her life to be an adult and she should study. She should go to school and study the craft and think about college and maybe study abroad, acting, and then when she becomes 18 she could dive into it if she wants.” – aunt Janet Jackson on her hopes for her beautiful niece.

“When I was really little my Dad was in the movie Moonwalker, and I knew he could sing really well, but I didn’t know he could act. I saw that and I said, ‘Wow, I want to be just like him.'” – Paris on her time with her father.

“I kinda felt like no one understands what a good father he was. I’d say he was the best cook ever. He made the best French toast in the world. He was just a normal dad, except he was the best dad.” – Paris on her famous father.

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  1. Anabelle

    The Best Dad In The World wouldn’t have been filling himself up with all those drugs.

    • Anonymous

      Really? You’re bringing this up now?

    • nancy aneke

      When did you become God? You can not judge Michael Jackson. You are no better than he was. I understand that his death was all over the news but you didn’t have to watch it. And that’s not what happened to Michael Jackson. That’s what happened to Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson did not kill himself. A doctor killed him.

      • Anonymous

        thank god, and thats so true nobody is god, so you cant judge him, or anybody, and those kids suffered a huge loss, they lost their father. and nobody will ever replace them, and whatever michael jackson did is his buisness, im just happy hes in peace.

    • Anonymous

      This article isn’t about you, it’s about her. And she thinks he was the best dad in the world. Enough said.

    • Anonymous

      he had a lot of illnesses including insomnia jerk

    • Anonymous

      he had a lot of illnesses including insomnia jerk

    • Ashley

      Try living with insomnia, vitiligo, lupus (which he was in a lot of pain with quite often) and having the entire world hounding you for one thing or another. Would you be able to sleep? Probably not! Lots of people have chronic insomnia for less severe reasons than that. Michael couldn’t sleep. He abused prescription drugs in the early 90s which he fully admitted to and sought treatment for. What he died from was an injection of Propofol by an incompetent doctor who shouldn’t have been bringing Propofol into the home in the first place. HE was not the doctor, Murray was, and this is on Murray. It wasn’t Michael’s fault that he couldn’t sleep. Thinking logically sometimes goes out the window when you’re stressed and sleep deprived.

      And shame on you for just HAVING to say something like this in a thread about a child’s birthday. I’m embarrassed for you.

      • Anonymous

        Are you out of your mind? You think that Conrad Murray was the first to provide Michael Jackson with Propofol? You think that it’s perfectly acceptable to use an ANESTHETIC as a sleeping aid? You really are crazy. Michael Jackson was a drug addict, pure and simple. You don’t get to decide who gets to use drugs illegally based on whether or not their reasons were good enough, you fool. Can you imagine, “Aw, poor me, I was abused as a child, got in a horrific car accident and my husband left me, so I should be able to smoke crack!”.

        Michael Jackson had enough influence, money and power to explore every available LEGAL remedy for each and every problem he had AND he had to option to tell the world to get lost and do whatever he wanted. He chose not to. That’s on him, not Conrad Murray (who I do agree belongs in prison for illegally supplying the Propofol).

    • Anonymous

      AMEN!!!! PREACH IT!!!!!

  2. K

    Aww, she’s so beautiful. Can’t believe she is 14 already. Such a sweet girl. Happy Birthday Paris

  3. Anonymous

    So beautiful! Those eyes are incredible

  4. Ashly McCaffity

    Happy 14th Birthday Paris =)
    Wow you are a beautiful little girl today your Daddy would been very proud of you <='( . I hope you have a beautiful wonderful day where the sun is shining , the birds are singing, and everything is green =). I hope you have a great birthday with your family and friends I love you and your daddy so much really a big fan =)

  5. Anonymous

    She has the same eyes as her mother.

  6. Anonymous

    this girl is not biracial. this is a white girl, plain and simple. that rowe woman had these kids as a favor and it couldn’t be more obvious that they have no black in them. does this poor kid still actually think she’s mixed? it’s getting embarrassing at this point, really.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they know, atleast the older 2, but I don’t think it matters to them. Michael was still their dad. It shouldn’t matter to you either, it’s time to get over it. Everyone knows Michael wasn’t their biological dad, it’s just not important, he was their DAD.

      • Ashley

        Actually, they DO know. Paris has already said she is 100% Jackson and not adopted. What’s sad is that a bunch of adults are set on saying she’s not who she says she is. She seems rather comfortable with who she is, and really it’s nobody’s business. Just because some people don’t think she looks black enough to be biracial doesn’t mean she’s not. People make excuses for white-looking biracial children who come from biracial parents, but they are cruel to a child whose father has white ancestry while her mother is white as white can be.

        The kid says she’s 100% Jackson, Michael said she was his, Debbie said she was his, and really that’s all that counts. Blood or no blood, NOTHING will change who this child is, and that’s Michael’s daughter.

        • Anonymous

          How could she possibly be 100% Jackson?? Is Michael her dad and Janet her mom? And you just repeated what the person above you said- blood or no blood Michael is her father. It doesn’t matter that he’s not her biological father. Stop making a big deal of it.

    • Ashley

      What’s embarrassing is that some people just CAN’T LET IT GO. These kids are far more mature and comfortable with themselves than you clearly are. Why is it so important to you what blood runs through their veins? YOU need to seek help. THESE kids are fine, and they know who they are. Just because you think they were lied to doesn’t mean they were. GROW UP.

    • Samantha

      Ummm, where you there when she was conceived? Is it is your business? No it’s not, by the way, I guess you think Mariah Carey isn’t bi racial either.

  7. Anonymous

    Grow up! nobody cares what you think, you should really learn some genetic maybe then you wouldn’t sound so ignorant and so pretentious, like if you were in her conception or something. Oh and news flash it’s nobody f@cking business. Get a life.

  8. Anonymous

    Grow up! nobody cares what you think, you should really learn some genetic maybe then you wouldn’t sound so ignorant and so pretentious, like if you were in her conception or something. Oh and news flash it’s nobody f@cking business. Get a life.

  9. Ashley

    It’s embarrassing that a bunch of (I’m assuming) adults are so upset about this child believing she’s biracial, when they don’t know her, didn’t know her dad, and they are only going by what they think they see. This seems like a very confident, comfortable-in-her-skin child, and I think it’s cruel to endlessly speculate like this about her parentage. She’s already said she’s 100% Jackson blood, and she has no reason to lie, and there was no reason for her to be lied to. People say it’s about the money, but it’s not. Even if they weren’t biologically Michael’s, they were legally his, therefore legally entitled to their inheritance in the future.

  10. Anonymous

    Does she wear contact lenses?

  11. Anonymous

    Michael Jackson is not her biological father. It doesn’t matter, but there is no way I’ll ever believe that.

  12. Anonymous

    no one believes mj was the bio father. this is old news, why is this even brought up? there are people who think he really was? come on. i thought everyone knew he wasn’t. although i will say, if they still haven’t told those kids by now then that’s pretty messed up. you can’t just tell white kids that they are mixed when they’re not. how are they going to feel when they find out the truth? and that the whole rest of the world always knew it while they themselves were lied to? that’s embarrassing

    • Ashley

      You’re ridiculous. I believe he was the biological father, as do many other peopel who aren’t ignorant about genetics. And you are cruel to sit here and say those kids look white when a.) they don’t and b.) plenty of biracial children come out looking like them or LIGHTER. Nobody says crap about Lionel Richie’s daughter Sophia who has BLONDE hair and lighter skin than Paris, because she has a wider nose. That’s it. She’s fairer than Paris, but her nose tells people she’s biracial. That’s it. Paris has green eyes like Joe, darker skin than Debbie or any of her alleged bio fathers, and she has dark hair which is naturally curly. I’ve seen BLONDE kids with a black parent. It’s not impossible.



  14. Anna Capurro

    Hi, Paris I love you!!!! You are a wonderful and beautiful girl and today I want wish you a Happy Birthday! In your future will be full of light, you will be a star!!
    I remember forever the name of your big father MJ, his legend will be in the hearts
    and in the minds of your fans in the world! His spirit is near to you, near to Prince Michael and Blanket is protection for you! My best wishes for your artistic project!
    God bless you, whit L.O.V.E. from Italy Anna Capurro ( City of Genoa )

  15. MJJ fan

    Hi there Paris I wish you a happy birthday for this year I loved
    Your father every time my friends are scared I tell them to think
    Of Michael and there fear goes away. Michael really
    Raised a wonderful child.

  16. MJJ fan

    My sister say that Paris looks nothing like michael.
    I say well she is his daughter and he is her father.
    And ally of people disagree with me.

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