Kimora Lee Simmons’ Kids: Dessert Time

It looks like Kimora Lee Simmons’ children enjoyed some sweet treats last Friday (March 30). Kimora posted a photo of Ming, 12, Aoki, 11, and Kenzo, 2, sitting at a table with cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

She writes: “Where’s the brakes?! 😮 -> RT @_Kyra: @OfficialKimora this has got 2 b THE cutest pic! They’re growing up so FAST”

In an interview with Celebrity Cafe – the Life In The Fab Lane star talks about managing family life with her career.

She says, “I think it’s always about doing the best that you can. I don’t ever claim to be, or feel bad that I’m not, supermom or some figure like that. It’s okay. I think you should do the best that you can and usually that’s pretty darn good. I prioritize and my family always comes first. I have a great team of people around me that support me. A small team, but I feel like we just kind of get it done.”

When asked what character trait helps her excel she replies that it’s honesty.

I think I am very honest. That probably is also one of my character flaws. I’m very honest and also I’m a Taurus, so I give it to you kind of straight. You know what I’m thinking or saying. You don’t have to second-guess it. I’m very blunt. I think that’s very helpful particularly for a woman in the business.”

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Photo credit: Kimora Lee Simmons Twitter

  • Anonymous

    I love this family! The girls just GREAT! And Kenzo… loving his cute hair!

  • Anonymous

    The one with the straight hair has a smile just like her mom. They’re all adoraable!

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