Rachel Dratch On Her Son: “He’s Just A Lot Of Fun”

After a few difficult years, career-wise and other, something completely unexpected happened to Saturday Night Live comedienne Rachel Dratch. At nearly 44 years old, she found herself pregnant with her first child with her California-based partner John Wahl, a man she had dating for only a short time. In a sharply written and deeply moving book titled Girl Walks Into a Bar, the 46-year-old King of Queens star opens up about being single in her early forties, being shocked to learn she was pregnant and being a parent to her 1-year-old son Eli.

About being single in her 40s: “I knew I didn’t want to have a baby on my own and I didn’t have a partner so 40, 41, 42 passes by, and then I was having to let go of the idea of having a child. It caused me anxiety but I was trying to work through it.”

Her reaction about learning she was pregnant: “At the beginning, I was so freaked out — well, more in shock. I didn’t believe it was real. When I saw I was pregnant I wasn’t jumping up and down screaming, “Woo hoo!” I was like, “What?” It was so indelible in my mind what my future was and it was like this big rug pulled out from under me. I was like, “Wait, will I even be a good mother? Do I really want this? Will I be good at this?” I was kind of flooded with all these fears, like now I got what I was wishing for. What am I going to do with that?”

About being a parent to her son: “Yes! It makes all that Hollywood stuff not even matter at all. I think because I wasn’t around babies much, I sort of imagined that they’re crying all the time. I pictured that stereotype of the baby having a tantrum in the grocery store. Yeah, but I pictured that 24/7. Eli appeared as very chilled, smiley and in control. I don’t know, he’s just a lot of fun. I didn’t anticipate the fun factor.”

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  • Anonymous

    unprotected sex
    she lucky she got a baby out of it

    • Anonymous

      Could you be more pretentious? Do you think this woman (or anyone else on the planet) needs your advice?

  • Kate

    I love her! She was the only one that would make me laugh on Saturday Night Live….wah wah wahh wahhhhhh. Debbie Downer!

  • BellaBee

    I think she is cute, normal looking. There is absolutely nothing artificial about her she is average. The fact that she got pregnant, it was subconscious, trust me nothing happens that is not supposed to. The fact that the little man is here is all part of Gods plan, so if she had used a condom it would have broken or had a pin hole, or her birth control would have failed for some other reason, I thing she will make a wonderful Mama, and the little guy is lucky to have her, and ugly is not a word I would use to describe her, average yes ugly never.

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