Jessica Alba & Honor: Fantastic Fashionistas

Mom-of-two Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor, 3, stopped by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (April 3). Sporting a cute sundress and pink hairbows, Jessica’s elder daughter sipped on a cool drink while carrying her stripped handbag. Hubby Cash Warren and daughter Haven, 7 months, were not spotted with the stylish duo.

Last weekend, we saw the Fantastic Four actress sporting a tattoo of roses on her left bicep. The body art is just temporary for her new film, A.C.O.D., Jessica’s rep confirms with Us Weekly.

The new film – costarring Jane Lynch, Adam Scott and Amy Poehler – revolves around a grown man who is still caught up in his parents’ divorce, though they have been split up for 15 years. He discovers that he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children.

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Photo credit: Splash News/FameFlynet

  • Mee.

    Ahhh the most perfect female alive. Or should I say the most perfect FAMILY alive? Look at her perfection…….the way she walks, talks, dresses, acts, STYLE, hair, family, HOME….has anyone seen her perrfect home????????????
    talk about true 100% perfection, in every form.

    • Anonymous

      I hope Jessica has invested in some personal security because you sound seriously unstable.

      • Mee

        Nah, I don’t live anywhere near her. Just a fan of her perfection. And she also makes me strive to be perfect myself…..although i’d never be nearly as perfect as her….I dont have the lips, the BODY, the style nor the beautiful home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Your first stop on the road to perfection is a psychiatrist…..and some serious meds.

        • Anonymous

          The more you post the crazier you seem you need to step back and get some serious help, your obsesion with her is just sick and unhealthy.

          • Mee

            Ya’ll are just jealous!! Just take a step back and deal w/ her beauty and perfectionism… will make you weep with joy….I promise. YOU, too, can strive to be like her. Just work out, eat ORGANIC, have a beautiful home in LA….live near Cold Water Canyon Park….get a rich hubby……have 2 GORGEOUS girls. Dress better…eat better….you might be able to be of her…..her perfectism.

  • Anonymous

    I do like her style
    I wish Jennifer Garner would take cues from Jessica
    Jennifer please stop dressing as if you picked your outfit out of the laundry basket or off your floor

    • Anonymous

      Why do you take Jennifer Garner’s clothing choices so personally? It doesn’t affect you or anyone else in any way.

      • B

        The same could be said for you, why are you taking their comment so persanly it dosen’t affect you.

        • Anonymous

          I was merely asking a question. It’s telling that no one ever seems to be able to answer it.

    • Anonymous

      If everyone dressed like Jessica Alba, what a boring world it would be! Personal style is exactly that: personal. You may not like Garner’s style, but why would what someone else wears even have anything to do with her. She’s happy, so why can’t you leave it alone?

      (Also, if everyone dressed alike, you’d have no one to bitch about.)

  • Nina D.

    I’m so glad Jessica’s growing her hair out long again.

    • Anonymous

      I agree it was looking so 80s lately, that shoulder bang thing lol

  • Anonymous

    Jessica has a postive self image and likes to project herself thus
    it does not take much effort
    comb your hair
    wear clothes that fit you dont’ pick drab colors that wash you out
    wear shoes , handbags that are not falling apart
    if you look good you feel good and have a postive outlook

  • Anonymous

    Jessica is reallly into dressing her way and so is Jen Garner. I like them both and appreciate the differences, however if Jen dressed like Jess, I could not like her as much as I do. Jen is older and her style is more suited to her than Jessica’s. The also have different lifestyles. To each his own.

  • Rme

    I know it’s awful, but that kid looks more like ALF every day.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it really does take a special kind of awful person to bash a child. Congratulations, I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    • R


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