Miranda Kerr & Flynn Cover ‘Who’ Most Beautiful People Issue

In their first-ever photo shoot, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and her adorable son Flynn grace the cover of WHO magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue. The 28-year-old Victoria’s Secret model opens up about her 15-month-old son with Pirates of the Caribbean star husband Orlando Bloom

On how motherhood has changed her: “I was working 18-hour days. Now that pace has slowed so I can spend the majority of my time with Flynn. I’m first a wife and a mother, and then comes work.”

On Flynn: “[He’s] like a little ball of sunshine. He’s a really charming, lovely boy. He has that look in his eye like, ‘What trouble am I going to get into next?’ But I like that, it’s like me.”

The mag’s special family portrait package also features The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth and his older brother Chris Hemsworth, and Home and Away stars Samara and Morgan Weaving.

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Photo credit: WHO

  • Just saying

    It sure would be nice to see people of other ethnicities featured in these stories, articles and lists. The rate of diversity in the media is like 1%. Sad.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. :\

    • Tara

      Why does everythings have to be multicultural to be considered well rounded? It seems to me there are plenty of articles on Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Paula Patton, Lindsey Price…

      If the subjects of the moment tend to be Caucasian than that is what will be written. Soon enough the African American, Latino and Asian cultures will be pooping them out as well.

      Just be happy for any new life brought into this world, regardless of its race, religion or gender.

      • Just saying

        It’s not the article, it’s the magazine issue. There isn’t a single non-Caucasian person on the cover. There may be people of other ethnicities in the issue but there is a lot of importance in the initial impression a demographic gets of this magazine from the cover, as well as the content.
        Soon enough? When is soon enough? Should our culture have to wait another 40 years just to see a biracial person (like myself) on the cover of a well-known publication? It’s 2012 – we should be well past this and yet society still lags in truly including all races, religions and genders in popular culture, which speaks volumes about what is “popular” to the population.

        • Anon

          It appears to me that you may have personal inner insecurities to deal with. There are separate publications that solely exclude other ethnicities and races. People Magazine, Us, Glamour etc have been inclusive of all races for at least the past 20 years. What about the fact that very rarely do you see a woman over a size 6US on the cover of these magazines?

          As a bi racial ( Filipino and Jamaican) woman I understand your concerns, however I tend to agree with what the other posters are saying. If they opted to have a solely Caucasian titled magazine there would be outrage. We cannot expect equality if we ourselves continue to perpetuate this division in our own community by constantly bringing the question of diversity into the equation.

          She is right- there is plenty of coverage of non white celebrities. Yet you never hear a Jessica Simpson or a Jennifer Garner complain about the negative coverage they receive. Fact is a certain look sells. That look has evolved with the time. In the 70s it was blue eyed blond, the 80s evolved into a super model ( which was dominated by Naomi Campbell), the 90s was heroine chic, the 2000s saw a huge Latino surge and today there is a movement towards multiple ethnicities. IT HAS CHANGED, I fear for you if you cannot see that.

          I have friends of all colors and most are tired of the continuos race card debate in every aspect of our society today. Particularly with this Martin issue. In order to receive a level playing field we must recognize our own culpability in creating the divisive mentality that is out there.

          • Tara

            Very well thought out and mature response.

    • Tara


    • Pissed off

      Excuse if I am wrong but is there not a BCB site ( blackcelebbabies) as well as a Latino celeb baby site? They are exclusionary in the title alone.

      This site says CELEBRITY BABY SCOOP- all encompassing I believe. God forbid anyone made a site called BLUE EYED BLOND CELEB baby site. We would have the al sharptons of the world calling for a boycott.

      It’s a frigging baby site. Stop getting political.

      • Anon

        Completely agree!

        • Devyn

          Everything is political, especially on these baby sites. Most of you moan, complain and make asinine comments about non-white babies. The ignorance is mind boggling.

          • Tara

            I guess by “most of you” you mean those of us with “white” babies.
            Talk about asinine and prejudicial. The pendulum swings both ways but in your view it’s only acceptable to stereotype Caucasians.

            Way to set back your argument there devyn. All she said was that there are specifically targeted sites for people of various ethnicities and races, yet if there was one solely made for the fairer complected there would be marches and law suits.

            By the way since I am married to a 1/2 Kenyan man, my child is mixed race however I don’t view him as black, white or yellow- he is just my son whom I adore.

          • Pissed off

            Thank you.

      • Anonymous2

        As a white woman who does not fit the cookie cutter model of what is considered beautiful I have to agree with you. It’s not the fault of the media if the consumer buys what they like.
        When Vogue featured Oprah on its cover, it was the lowest selling issue that year- it certainly was not because people did not like her nor a reflection on her self made success. The fact is there is a definite guideline of what is attractive- particularly in fashion. It is not a race or ethnicity debate. That same year had high sales that featured Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell. Finance, advertising revenue and actual profit fromsales is what keeps these publications running. If the public wants a certain “look” then magazines and all media will provide it. It’s not that difficult to understand. Demand and supply. It’s not ALWAYS a condemnation of anyone race or ethnicity. Those that try to bait or pepper their arguments as such should be ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    I love how she says “I am a wife and mother first” – always irks me when people separate them, placing husband first, forcing them to place a lesser importance on the children. Is that for the insecure husband’s benefit??

    There’s plenty of love to go around!

  • Dee

    Miranda and Orlando now have no right to whinge about their privacy being invaded. EVER.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Because she posed for a photograph with her son? On Her terms? In a safe and happy environment with him?

      Yes, you’re right, no entitlement to privacy or security for their son at all.

  • Stacey

    Cutest baby in HOLLYWEIRD!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, there’s plenty of love to go around. In a marriage, the husband and wife are the foundation and first priority; they began the family unit. Kids come after the parents’ relationship as an extension of their love. So while the kids are to be loved and cherished, who is left after they are grown and gone? The husband and wife who took those vows. The kids are not less important, but the couple’s relationship takes first priority with the kids benefitting from that kind of strong, healthy relationship modeling.

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