Tori Spelling Defends Jessica Simpson: “People Need To Lay Off”

It seems expectant actress Tori Spelling is sending Jessica Simpson‘s critics a message – stop harassing the 31-year-old singer about her pregnancy weight gain and let her enjoy this special time.

“When women are pregnant, people need to lay off,” Tori – who is currently expecting her fourth child – tells Celebuzz. “It’s a really special time and you should be able to deal with it in your own terms.”

Although Jessica explained to Jimmy Kimmel in March that she’s retaining a lot of amniotic fluid – which is contributing to her size – Joy Behar was quick to offer her opinion that the Fashion Star mentor has just gained too much weight and amniotic fluid has nothing to do with it.

“Remember the the time that Jessica Simpson was criticized because she didn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna? That kind of thing is more fun to criticize than the fact that the girl is fat,” the 69-year-old The View co-host claims. “Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds. She looks like she gained a lot more than that.”

Tori Spelling isn’t the only one in Jess’ corner. It seems Sarah Palin is also on the defense.

During an appearance on The Today Show, the former governer of Alaska told Matt Lauer that “I would have wanted to punch [Jessica’s critics] in the neck. It’s none of anybody else’s business how much weight I would gain.”

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  • AnonymousM

    I gained 25 kilos with my first pregnancy aparently I was only supposed to gain 10 to 12 kilos. 6 weeks after my daughter was born I was only about an extra 5 kilos heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. She was 8 1/2 pounds (3.580 kilos) the rest of it was amniotica fluid and swelling and placenta.
    You cant judge that she has gained to much weight until you see how much of it is left after her body has finnished housing another human being.
    People can be so cruel most women are enough of an emotional wreck this close to giving birth without people calling them fat.

    • angel davis powers

      I agree with you 100%..leave the girl alone…let her enjoy this…theres more things going on in the world for them to be worried and commenting on her weight gain..shes beautiful

    • angel davis powers

      I agree with you 100%..leave the girl alone…let her enjoy this…theres more things going on in the world for them to be worried and commenting on her weight gain..shes beautiful

    • Holli

      You cant judge people period. Her body is her business. I dont know when “news” became stupid shit like who has a gained or lost a pound, and who and what everyone else is doing. Media, News and so called reporters are nothing more than gossiping assholes who do nothing but put people down. They need to look in the mirror. Who talks about people and stalks them for a “career”? We used to call them anti social or psycho now we call them Paparazzi.

  • Dee

    Jessica is quite obviously put on far more weight than is healthy or necessary. By her own admission she has over indulged. Both these things are open to legitimate criticism.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, no, her weight and her health are not open to criticism. They’re no one else’s business but her own. How would you like if we ordered up a copy of your medical records, put them on the internet, and then discussed whether we all approved of how you lived your life?

      • Anonymous

        The internet for some reason makes people think that what they see is “theirs”, and it’s not. You are only observing.
        And you know the biggest bummer in this,
        Women need to love themselves first,
        and then they may offer the same grace to others in this world.
        Love each other, women please!!!

      • Anonymous

        That’s fair, if SHE keeps it to herself, but she doesn’t. That DOES open her to criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Joy is 69??????????????? Is that a typo? Looks to be in her late fifties…

    • Anonymous

      I know right!

  • Mags

    Well, I don’t think Jess is meant to be a skinny minny, pregnant or not. If she decided to just enjoy her pregnancy, not stress, to overindulge and say “to hell with it” for once, who cares? And if she is to be considered legitimately open to criticism for this, then so is every celeb out there who is the slightest bit overweight, woman or (gasp!) man.

  • Anonymous

    I believe we as part of the human race, have reached an new all time low when we start noticing and commenting on the SIZE of a woman who is bringing a new life into the world. It’s a NEW LIFE that she is carrying people! Shouldn’t that be the point of focus?!!!

    • Anonymous

      Beautifully said.
      Love one another, women, please.

  • Grace

    I’m torn on this issue. On the one hand Jessica has always whored her personal life out for money and attention, so I don’t really feel bad for her that she has to reap some negatives because of that choice. But some of the comments go too far.

  • p

    I frekin love Tori Spelling. Thank GOD someone finally said something. Criticizing a pregnant woman’s weight IS NOT acceptable.

  • Marfle

    The funny thing about all this is that Jessica has been criticized for her weight gain looooong before she got pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    Every woman’s body is different. Who the hell are you to judge anybody. If she put on 200 lbs that’s her business. People only talk trash about her because they think she is a ditz, an easy target. She laughs at her self and I’m sure she will continue to laugh all the way to the bank seeing as though she has a multi million dollar empire.

  • Stacey

    Jessica looks fine to me when your already big busted you tend to look heavier when your pregnant, it happened to me.
    She is dressing very nice and seems to be very Happy thats all that matters.

  • susan

    Tori looks beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Tori Spelling. I totally agree and it’s so nice to hear women speaking out to defend each other for a change.

  • SMH

    Why is this question relevant to anyone especially Palin?? What brought this up??
    Jess is BIG and whether she ate too much, is carrying a big baby or retaining water she is HUGE. But if she’s happy and okay with her pregnancy then it should really not matter to anyone else either.

  • Anonymous

    No one was talking about it anymore until she mentioned it again

  • Anonymous

    If you remember Tori was hugh with her first. then she seemed to gain less for the others. The first pregnancy is always a challenge for women be/c you tend to have it in your head that you can gain alot of weight and eat all the things you never did before. She is also very short and big busted so that doesn’t help. Everyone should mind their own business and leave Jess alone !!! God belss her and her beautiful famiyl to be !

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