Baby’s Debut: Celebrity Tots’ First Official Photos

For a long time running, it seemed People had a monopoly on introductory celebaby photos. Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, and the Jolie–Pitts all turned to the well-established magazine to show off their newest family members. However, today, many celebs are turning to competitors who are doling out generous offerings to new parents. Others are releasing their own photos — either on their own or through photo agencies — to bypass the whole magazine scenario. Visit to see how your favorite Tinseltown parents debuted their lil ones.

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Photo credit: Gwen Stefani

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  1. Petr

    Thanks Aimee! Since I’m from Lubbock I have always loved coottn fields. Every time I drive back I always see then and think how gorgeous they’d look in photos.

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