Brooke Burke-Charvet Debuts Short Film, Talks DWTS & Chaotic Life

Brooke Burke-Charvet is not only host to TV’s popular Dancing with the Stars, she’s also mom to four beautiful kids: Neriah, 12, Sierra, 10, Rain, 5, and Shaya, 3. The newly-married television star can also add comedic acting to her resume: she just starred in the new short film for Claritin titled The Difference is Clear.

The busy mom-of-four opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about having “so much fun” trying out her acting chops, being proud to be called “Mrs. Charvet,” her thoughts on this season of DWTS, and her new parenting channel on ModernMom.

CBS: Tell us about starring in the short film, The Difference is Clear.

BBC: “It was really fun for me to play a different character other than myself, which is what I usually play on TV. It was so much fun with lots of comedy. I play the best day that could possibly happen and the worst day that could possibly happen all due to allergies. There’s lots of funny scenes where I face-plant into a pile of mud, I makes the worlds-most-outrageous breakfast waffle shaped like the Eiffel Tower, pancakes like the Taj Mahal, I do flips and other outrageous scenes.”

CBS: Can you relate?

BBC: “I can totally relate because I’ve always had allergies. The challenging part for me is working in live television and on certain days not being able to feel my best. So I use Claritin to get through those days. There’s nothing worse than sneezing and watering eyes with full TV-makeup on! Anyone that suffers from allergies knows it can get you down, so masking those symptoms is really the only thing I can do on days like that.”

CBS: How are your 4 kids doing?

BBC: “They’re doing great! Each one of them has had a birthday this quarter, so I have been birthday-party-planner extraordinaire! My daughter turned 10 Monday and there’s been back-to-back birthdays every month.

They’re all getting ready for summer, they’re growing up fast and getting into sports. The usual stuff!

Everybody was at the show on Monday night, so it was a really fun night for the family. It was a great way to celebrate Sierra’s 10th birthday. It was a long 12-hour day, followed by a big family dinner.”

CBS: Your life seems so glam — yet so chaotic!

BBC: “It’s all smoke and mirrors! I dress up like a ballroom princess for the show and leave in sweats! You should’ve see my dressing room — I had five children because my daughter brought a friend. So there they were in my dressing room just minutes before I had to do the show. And then the minute we wrapped, I went to a script meeting for an hour, then I took seven people out to a Korean BBQ dinner for my daughter’s birthday. It was the longest day ever! I got home and I was fried! But really, it’s my usual chaotic schedule.”

CBS: Have you ever thought of doing reality TV – a look into your crazy life??

BBC: “I have thought about it, but I think the truth of the matter is it’s so chaotic anyway, I can’t imagine bringing in cameras and really having to live and breathe entertainment every day. I really don’t know how people do it. There’s so much action in my house, I can’t imagine adding to that and allowing the world to see everything.

I’m so open already in the way that I blog and share life experiences – for good reasons – but I think that would be way too much.”

CBS: Congrats on your recent marriage. What took so long?

BBC: “Just timing! And we just come last after everyone [laughs]!”

CBS: Was it a hard decision to hyphenate your last name?

BBC: “I wanted to honor David and I’m very proud to share his last name and to be his wife. It was no big deal for me.”

CBS: Has anything changed for you since your wedding?

BBC: “It feels very special to have a ‘husband’ even though it’s just a label. But it feels a little bit more special; more complete. We were always married in our hearts, but it’s kind of nice to be Mrs. Charvet.”

CBS: Things are pretty hot on Dancing with the Stars already!

BBC: “I know, what a night on Monday! There were so many tears in the ballroom, it was such an emotional show. I cried and everybody in the ballroom was crying; the cast was crying. It was ridiculous [laughs]!

I think this is the strongest cast we’ve ever had as far as the quality of dancing goes. There’s different frontrunners every week and we have no idea who will make it to the semi-finals. Usually you kind of know early on, but everybody’s just so good. Even the bottom of the leader-board people are doing fantastic. It’s one of those very unpredictable season, but so much talent. Who knew with this cast?!”

CBS: Do you have a favorite?

BBC: “It’s really hard. I think Donald is unbelievable and he hasn’t had his shining moment yet. But he’s just such a loveable, charasmatic guy. But Gavin’s charming and loveable, Roshon’s an incredible dancer. I’m always partial to Derek and I think he and Maria had a great night Monday night. And of course Katherine already looks like a pro – it’s kind of ridiculous!

It’s a tough one this season. Honestly, for the first time ever, I can’t pick my top 2. And we usually place bets on who we think will win [laughs].”

CBS: How are things over at ModernMom?

BBC: “Things are going great! Tuesday we’re launching our parenting channel on YouTube! We’re really excited and we’ve been working on a lot of shows. It’s such new territory now with social media.

Much like the Claritin film, it’s a new time and things go viral. We have such a different, fun way of delivering messages. So we’ve been doing a lot of different videos at ModernMom. I just produced a piece called ‘Go ahead and ask me.’ So I’m allowing people to chime and and ask me anything, and then I answer on my laptop whether I’m in my dressing room or on the road or on location. I’m interacting with fans which is really fun for me.

We’ve got shows about cooking, fitness, and lots of really, really fun stuff. The opportunity that sites like ours have is to share stories and exchange and learn from one another. That’s why I’m so passionate about being a mommy blogger because we have so many things in common no matter where we are and what our lives are like. We’re all raising a family and that’s our common denominator which is really powerful. And there’s a lot to learn woman-to-woman through the media.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

BBC: “You never know! I’d love to do some more sitcom projects this year. Right now I’m super busy with my family and I’m loving my job in the ballroom. I never know what’s coming up next.”

CBS: But no chance of baby No. 5, right?!

BBC: “[Laughs] That’s a definite no-go! No who, what, when or why [laughs]! Now why, when or where [laughs]!”

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing she has looks because she doesn’t have acting skills.

  • Anonymous

    Television Star???? Ugh. Another “celebrity” I just don’t get. She has no special talent or appeal, and her one “asset” is fake. She stands around saying things like, “So how hard did you train for that Mambo?” and that makes her a “star”. And on top of that, I hate hyphenated names.

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