Jessica Alba & Haven: Grocery Girls

Vino and veggies!

Dark Angel star Jessica Alba was photographed at Whole Foods in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (April 4) with her 7-month-old daughter Haven. The mom-of-two – who was escorted to her car by the security guard – stocked up on fresh produce and plenty of red wine. Sounds good to us, mama!

The mother-daughter duo were not joined by papa Cash Warren and 3-year-old big sis, Honor.

Although we spotted Jess and Honor the day before, sporting some funky duds as they picked up a drink-to-go.

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Photo credit: Splash News/FameFlynet/AKM-GSI/Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Cute little Danish baby is getting so big!

  2. Anonymous

    Danish baby??? She isn’t Danish even if she has a grandmother who is HALF Danish

  3. Ally

    Curious as to how two dark(ish) skinned people with natural dark brown/black hair produce a baby with extremely pale skin and red hair.

    She’s adorable though.

  4. Anonymous

    Lesson learned here: Two good looking people don’t always produce good looking children.

  5. Devyn

    Red hair is caused by a mutation in the MC1R (melanocortine 1 receptor gene)… Because it’s a recessive trait, red hair can easily skip a generation. It can then reappear after skipping one or more generations if both parents, no matter their hair color, carry the red hair gene.

    A little more reading and a little less reading of celebrity blogs.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah who would ever look at this kid and say she’s part black and hispanic!

  7. Anonymous

    She looks an awful lot like like Christoper Gavigan especially in eyes, just saying

  8. Anonymous

    I was suprized her children were not gorgeous like her and hubby . Just saying πŸ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    She’s cute. Right now the baby fat on her fat makes her features look smaller. But she’ll come into her own once she’s walking and loses the chubbiness. The nasty comments sound like they’re coming from losers with self-esteem problems.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not nasty to state when someone looks ugly on a site that is based purely on pictures of people whose main claim to fame is – let’s face it – looks. Sure, it’s about their children, but when all we get to see are pictures, we’ll say either “oh, how cute” or “nah, quite an ugly kid”. While all children are cute and it would be desirable that they were all perceived as such, it is simply true that some children are prettier or cuter than others. I am sure Jessica and her husband love Haven, but you can’t expect strangers not to utter their (negative) opinion on a site like this.

      • Anonymous

        “Expected” or not, bashing children is outside the bounds of basic human decency, and people who engage in it are terrible people who should be ashamed of themselves. It doesn’t matter what site we’re on.

        And it’s amazing that you would claim these children are asking for it because their fame is based on their looks. Are you on drugs? Did you miss the part where it’s the parents who are the celebrities, not the children?

      • Elena

        I totally agree with you!
        Haven isn’t so cute, but a normale baby πŸ™‚

  10. SMH

    I know a mexican family who had two kids that looked mexican and baby #3 came out with blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skinned. I asked the mother one time where it came from and she said her hubby was blonde as a kid and her grandmother was a blonde. So it’s all in the genes. I mean teh boy looked like his siblings just lighter. Genetics are quite interesting.

    this baby looks like she could be related to will arnett and amy pohler’s son.
    I don’t think she’s the poster child for gorgeous babies but all babies grow into their looks eventually. and yeah some don’t but a mother loves their child all the same.

  11. Anonymous

    I think Jessica is quite pretty, but Cash’s features do not translate well in little girls. They both got his upturned slightly piggish nose.

  12. Anonymous

    Cute chubby cheeks!! πŸ™‚

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t understand how someone so pretty can have 2 kids that are not the least bit attractive.

  14. melo1983

    I think what many of you are forgetting is that while she does have African and Mexican American in her, she IS 50% Caucasian. Her hair and skin are not so surprising…

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