Report: Kate Middleton Feels “Hurt” Over Constant Pregnancy Rumors

Shortly after the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, 30, got married to 29-year-old Prince William almost a year ago, she almost instantly became the subject of myriad pregnancy rumors, which haven’t seem to let up since. From stories ranging from pregnancy to IVF speculation, the consistent public scrutiny seems to be taking a toll on Kate.

“The constant rumors about Kate being pregnant, or not being pregnant, make her feel uncomfortable,” a source close to Kate reveals to Us Weekly. “Seeing stories that talk about her health is really hurtful. It’s difficult to just ignore them.”

Although Kate “understands that there is interest,” given her new life in the public eye, “certain [outlets] push things too far,” the source continues.

“This week there have been stories about IVF, baby buzz speculation and what not. Usually they don’t mind anything that is written, but this is a little different because it’s so personal.”

Prince William is doing his best to be a supportive husband. According to the source, “William doesn’t like to see her get bogged down about these things,” and tries hard to console her.

“They have only been married for one year and they are not rushing to have a baby,” the source says. “Both William and Kate want their first child to happen naturally and at the right time.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Its her JOB to pop out a baby to continue the lineage
    Princess Diana had William with a year into her marriage
    ditto for the Queen who married in November of 1947 Prince Charles was born in November of 1948.
    Granted Prince William has been off in the military for the first year of their marriage, but now he is back and Kate is 30 going on 31

  2. Bull listers not having a baby soo

    12:49 ATTENTION DIANA had children because CHARLES is next to the line
    Toththe Throne Will and his Spare brother were produced im case something
    Happened to Charles and judging how Charles is nowhere near the throne
    Yet! William does not need to compete with his mother foe children and why
    Does Kate have to compete against Diana when Will is next after Charles 40
    Years from now! NO RUShH 5 years from now whenever they want a child!
    Charles is next in line not William stop ,making up lies about IVF and the rest
    Of the bull ! When she has NO NEED to have a child she is not Diana ..never
    Will be… The only connection is Kensington Palace where they say that the Queen is setting up a nursery at Kensington Palace whenKate and Will live in Walesy England where he is stationed for his job RAF Rescue Pilot, not London!

  3. Bull lister

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes … Just got a I Pad..

  4. Anonymous

    no ones job is to pop out a baby thats just plain rude saying that

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