Kourtney Kardashian On Pregnancy: “I Feel Really Good”

Although reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian is currently pregnant with her second child (a little girl due this summer), is a busy mom to her active little guy Mason, 2, and is juggling a hectic work schedule, the 32-year-old socialite claims she is feeling great.

“I feel really good … [though] this time I had a little more morning sickness,” she reveals to PEOPLE. “I think it’s a little bit harder being pregnant when you have a toddler I’m chasing after. Last time I could nap more.”

It may be difficult keeping up with her tot but little Mason sure has been helpful in keeping his mama fit during her pregnancy.

“I’ve been active chasing after Mason,” she says. “We go on walks all the time. Pushing the stroller is like carrying all these weights, and then [there’s] the extra weight on my stomach, so it’s good. It’s fun.”

“Last time I felt amazing the whole [pregnancy], and this time too,” she adds. “I feel really lucky.”

Although she and partner Scott Disick haven’t decided on a name for their unborn daughter just yet, Kourtney claims the couple keep a running list on her cell phone.

“We always have our little list that I keep in my phone,” she admits. “I have my little list of names, and I cross it off one day and a new one comes. We definitely don’t have the name. We’re going back and forth.”

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Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian Official Website

  • gail baker

    All the pregnant mothers look good

    • devyn

      Yes, I suppose you do feel good thinking about all the money pimping this child out will bring you. Everyone of them is completely worthless and contemptible.

  • danielle

    you will always have haters
    but I think you look great and so happy for you congrats

  • koolcat003

    kourtney kardashian pragnant again? shocking!

  • Janelly

    I thought you didn’t sleep in the same room as Scott? How pathetic and fake are you and now you’re pregnant again? Oh my! Help this couple!

  • Anonymous

    You look great and I know that Mason will be a big help when the time coms for the new member of your family..Congrats

  • Anonymous

    Ant mason a little too big for a pacifier

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Dr. Spock!! Any more parenting tips?

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