Melanie Brown: ” I Do Want A Boy”

Is Melanie Brown ready for baby No. 4? The 36-year-old former Spice Girl – who is mom to daughters Phoenix, 13, Angel, 5, and 8-month-old Madison – recently opened up to Celebs On Sunday about her desires for a baby boy, the way she nurtures her daughter’s self-esteem and about the pressure she felt to drop the post-Madison pounds right after her birth.

“I do want a boy,” Mel reveals. “But I’m enjoying my girls and my baby. She’s about to start crawling in Sydney and I’m like, ‘Don’t let her move until I get back!’ It would be nice to have a son, but it wouldn’t be straightaway.”

“The gap between Madison and Angel works brilliantly,” Mel continues. “I’ve just had them all on Skype and Phoenix is holding Madison and Angel’s playing with Phoenix’s hair. It’s beautiful.”

It seems the mother-of-three is trying to lead by example when it comes to instilling a healthy sense of self for her daughters by eating right and exercising.

“I tell them you don’t have to be a certain size, but you do have to treat your body a certain way,” she divulges. “Phoenix is into sports but she likes junk food, so I tell her it’s a treat for weekends. But you have to set an example – she sees me packing a healthy lunch for work. We’re all in it together. My husband’s on a healthy eating plan, too.”

The singer – who secretly wed her hubby Stephen Belafonte back in 2007 – also claims that she’s “not the best example of what to do in pregnancy,” saying that she “always put[s] on too much weight.”

“I put on a lot this time, a lot,” Mel admits, referring to her latest pregnancy with Madison. “I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs, and Madison weighed 6lb 2oz. But now I’m back into the clothes from before I was pregnant so I’ve been able to grab back my wardrobe from my 13 year old.”

Portion controlled Jenny Craig meals delivered to her door coupled with a rigorous exercise regime was key in Mel’s weight loss success.

“I’d get up at 5am to breast-feed Madison, so after that I’d go for an hour’s stroll to give my metabolism a kick start,” she says. “Then I’d get the other kids up, take them to school, then go and do a more hardcore workout at my local Fitness First every other day.”

“I’d run and walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of cross-training,” she adds. “Combining different sorts of exercise worked, with a good amount of cardio, especially.”

So what’s her secrets to staying confident?

I don’t pay too much attention to what people say. Everyone has an opinion, some want to slag you off. I got thrown into it all so young with the Spice Girls; I learned tolerance. And I was always the one with crazy hair and the loud mouth so I was used to people talking cr*p about me. I found it funny.”

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  • Anonymous

    She wants a boy. Let her find a 4th guy to have it with and keep the trend going.

    • Anonymous

      Really? It makes you feel good to post things like that?

  • Anabelle

    “I’m enjoying my girls and my baby.” Kinda suggests the baby isn’t a girl lol. Not bitching, just saying =) x

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