Sarah Jessica Parker: Morning School Mom

Sarah Jessica Parker had a busy morning sending her kids off to school in New York City in Tuesday (April 10). First off was 9-year-old James Wilkie who needed help adjusting his backpack while on their jaunt.

Sarah then went home to change her shoes and with the help of her nanny – took 2 1/2-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta to their preschool. The girls got to bring their toys on their journey. Tabitha had her Gloworm Girl doll while Loretta clung onto her toy dog.

The Daily News reports the actress and Matthew Broderick might buy a home in Brooklyn. Besides the family townhouse in the West Village – Parker also owns a private apartment nearby that she uses for work.

Her rep tells the paper they do not currently “own property in Brooklyn” and confirms she has a “work apartment”.

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  • Anonymous

    the twins are adorable ! are they identical or faternal?
    how come you never see Matthew Brodrick with the kids?
    ( I think they been separated and live apart for years )

    • Anonymous

      Are you blind? They’re obviously fraternal.

  • Anonymous

    Parker also owns a private apartment nearby that she uses for work.
    How do you use an apartment for work when your work is acting?

    • G

      Maybe she uses it for business meetings, like meeting with producers, etc. It sounds like a good way to keep her private life and her families life separate from work. If you have the money why not?

  • Rachel

    These days she’s not only acting, she’s also a clothing designer for a low budget label or something..

    And you do see Matthew with the kids, just not as often as SJP. But that doesn’t mean they’re living apart! The paparazzi probably makes more pics of SJP, you see that with almost all the famous couples…

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