Bristol Palin Responds To Levi Johnston’s Baby News: “I’m Upset”

When Bristol Palin, 21, heard from texting friends that the father of her son and former fiancé, Levi Johnston, is expecting another child out of wedlock with a new girlfriend, she was initially stunned.

“I said, ‘No way, shut up!’” Bristol tells In Touch. But as the young mother realized the truth, her feelings soon changed. “I think it’s a little bit of everything, and a lot of confusion,” she adds. “I’m upset about it.”

It’s understandable that the doting mother of 3-year-old Tripp would be so upset — especially since Levi, who says he’s “really excited” to be expecting a baby with girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, and he’s barely involved with his first child.

He’s seen Tripp twice in the past four months,” Bristol reveals. “He once went an entire year without seeing him at all.”

And despite Levi’s claims that the Palin family — including Bristol’s mother, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin — hinders him from visiting his son, Bristol says that her ex has always been free to see Tripp.

I wish Levi would be like, ‘Hey Bristol, can I have Tripp for the weekend?’” Bristol says. “I would be so willing and glad to do that. He continues to lie.”

But above all, Bristol’s main fear is that Tripp will be humiliated at school. “I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings,” she adds. “That would really affect him. I hope that this child is raised with two parents. He needs to step up to the plate and be there,” she sighs. “I thought he had learned his lesson the first time.”

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  1. Anonymous

    She doesnt have any right to be upset….he can do what he wants. I am sure there is so much more to this story than any of us will ever know. I dont think Bristol or her Mother makes it all too easy for him to see his son in the first place. What he does with his life is not her concern now. Whatever mistakes he has made in the past I hope he has learned from them and can enjoy being a father this time…without the crazy Palin family to deal with. Sad for his son because like I said I can almost guarantee Bristol and her stupid Mom have made it difficult for him to see his son. 🙁

    • Anonymous9

      Of course he can do what he wants; most adults, however, realize that their behavior impacts the others in their lives, primarily their children. It’s that whole maturity thing that Levi hasn’t seemed to grasp yet.

      Levi has a visitation order in place, according to Radar, and doesn’t bother to exercise his rights. Bristol lives in the same town. It isn’t that complicated, he just doesn’t seem that interested in sustaining a relationship or in providing the financial support that parenthood requires.

      • Hardcore

        That’s a little hard to do when the baby-mama demands $1,750.00 a month child support and the alleged baby-daddy has to come up with the bucks to fly all over the lower 48 to visit his alleged son while the mommy is trying to find a TV show to put her kid in. According to Wasillans Bristol purposely misleads Levi as to when she is and isn’t in town.

        • Anonymous9

          Oh come on, the baby-mama isn’t demanding $1,750. That is a number determined by the court, and in Alaska where milk can be $8-9 a gallon, simply isn’t that much money. Don’t want to pay support? Don’t have a kid. Not complicated at all. And let’s be serious about this “According to Wasillans” stuff. There is nobody who speaks for Wasillians, you make it seem like there is some official spokesperson for the town; this stuff is leaked to the media by Levi and his family and the only people who don’t recognize that are people who hate Sarah Palin so much that they can’t see straight.

          There is a visitation order; if he’s being denied that visitation then you go to family court and make it happen. You don’t whine to the media but make no actual effort. My husband spent years in family court enforcing his agreement with his ex. He did it because he wanted to be involved in his kid’s lives. Levi isn’t that interested or he’d do the same.

      • Anonymous

        Bristol? Willow? Sara? Or is this Todd? Give me a break…blah blah.

  2. Anonymous

    Tripp will be humilated at school dont want him to go to a elementary school with 19 half -siblings

    really??? @@

  3. musiclover

    I don’t know the family, so I won’t speculate if Levi tries to see his son or not, Or whether or not Bristol allows him to see the boy or not. However, I can understand her being upset…. It’s not a matter of whether she has the right to be, but that it’s human nature. They were in a relationship together, and have a child together….so I think alot of women would feel hurt and angry like she does.

    • Tripp = Meal Ticket

      Why should she be angry unless of course she still has feelings for Levi the “alleged” baby-daddy – the one she calls a “gnat” in her book and implied that he raped her in a tent. She’s been living with her lover Gino since she bought a house in AZ and now trying to get a reality show with him about some “trial marriage” BS which according to Xtian people with family values is called shacking up or living in sin. Bristol is such a hypocrite, needs to move on like Levi has and get over the fact that his world doesn’t revolve around her. She should be more worried about her kid growing up to read her nasty book than how many kids Levi is has in the future – ESPECIALLY when she’s been pregnant a few times herself!

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe, she still has feelings for him? It is her concern, because it affects her son’s life. Having been through a child support and visitation battle, I can tell you it is not so cut and dry. In my case he has lied about the situation to other people and I have court documents to prove him wrong. Hopefully, both parents in Tripp’s case can come to an understanding and her son can grow up knowing his half sibling and his father.

  5. Anonymous

    I would not be surprised if Bristol finds her self with a sibling for her son by years end. Her ~ reality show has her and her live in boyfriend living together

    • Anonymous

      What does she think it does to Tripp having all these men coming and going in his life..Levi, Ben, Gino, The Massey Brothers…can’t she just make a happy life with only Tripp, is she that insecure that she always needs a man around.

  6. Anonymous

    good role models for ABSTINENCE

  7. Anonymous

    i am not even going to pretend to know what goes on in their personal life, but i will talk about her being upset with him having another child.

    i have a toddler age daughter by my now ex husband. when we decided to divorce (there was no other option for me. he slept with my “best friend”. they’re both disgusting, i know.) i made things as easy as i could. i gave him everything except my daughter and my vehicle. he kept every plate, every spoon, every piece of furniture we owned (including stuff i had brought into the marriage). i was trying to be the bigger person. and in my mind – him keeping everything meant that my daughter would have familiar things around her when she was with him.

    then about, 6 months ago, he started delaying paying child support. or coming up with reasons not to. like say – he bought her a pair of shoes a year ago and i never paid him back. (because you know… apparently it’s only MY responsibility to buy her things..) then i found out WHY he doesn’t want to pay child support anymore. because he was having a new child with a new girlfriend.

    look – i don’t care what the man does or who he procreates with. but him having another child, affects my daughter. obviously if he has another child, i’m not an idiot and know that he needs to support my daughter AND the new child. but what doesn’t make sense is that in his head he should ONLY support his new child, and not our daughter.

    talk about pathetic.

    long story short – i was pissed, and i still think it’s wrong. but you want to know the worst part about it? that “second child” ended up not being his, so my daughter got jipped and i got screwed because some little you-know-what wanted to take advantage of my ex. yeah, lovely story. i’m bitter. i’m pretty sure bristol has her reasons. and levi probably has his too. they seem like a train wreck and should probably just stop talking to the press about their personal lives, but we know that won’t happen…

  8. jilliaineN

    Without Levi’s sperm, there would be no six figure tabloid spreads, no ghost written memoir, no Candies Foundation gig, no five figure abstinence speeches, multiple houses, cars, plastic surgeries and DEFINITELY no reality shows. He owes her nothing.

    Bristol is just jealous. Also I wonder what that makes her boyfriend Gyno think. I guess he doesn’t mind, he gets to shack up with the born-again virgin for a reality tv show.

  9. avasmom

    Why does this site continue to write about the Palins? Is this C4P? You say they are parents and this is a parent-oriented site, but they are the only political family you post about. The last time I looked, this is a a celeb site and not a political site.

    Look, I don’t know who is lying or who is telling the truth. I can only base my opinion on the evidence. But if you are going to post Bristol’s response, you need to post what Levi said as well and let people decide. Otherwise, I question your motives.

  10. hollywood333

    Paging Jerry Springer; will Mr. Jerry Springer please call Bristol.

  11. Anony Mouse

    There is something missing in Bristol’s life if caring for Tripp and being in a relationship with Gino aren’t enough for her. It is immature for Bristol to use Tripp to jerk Levi around. It is also harmful to Tripp. All of this garbage will be accessible through the internet for years to come. I guess the only way to prevent Tripp from reading about his hateful mother is exactly what Bristol suggests– keeping him out of school– not because he will have ten half-siblings in the same class but because Bristol won’t want Tripp to be able to read.

    Bristol, please please please think twice before you open your mouth or write something on Facebook. All you are doing is hurting Tripp, who will be able to read this all for himself. Going to school with half-siblings isn’t going to be Tripp’s biggest problem. The kids in his school will know all of this gossip as long as Bristol keeps talking to tabloid magazines and posting on Facebook. She damages Tripp every time she attacks Levi. It’s time for her act like the adult she claims to be and think of Tripp instead of her wounded ego.

  12. Anonymous

    Why does ANYBODY care what these people do?

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