Gabriel Aubry: Smilin’ With His Sweetie

Gabriel Aubry was all smiles when he picked up 4-year-old Nahla from her school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (April 10). Holding her in one arm and carrying her bee lunch tote – the model looked like there wasn’t a care in the world.

Unfortunately Nahla’s parents are in a middle of a custody fight. It’s been reported that Halle Berry wants to move their daughter to France with Olivier Martinez.

According to TMZ – her legal counsel hope to prove that Gabriel’s modeling schedule will mean he can travel back and forth from America to Europe.

Radar Online reports that Aubry is afraid that Halle wants Nahla out of his life completely.

A source says, “Gabriel fears that Halle’s ultimate plan is to get him out of his daughter’s life, permanently. He believes the plan is for Halle to move to France with Nahla and then have Olivier adopt her as his own. She wants a ‘fresh start’ apparently.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. lois

    Little Nahla is the spitting image of her gorgeous father. I sure wish that he could obtain full custody of her, with her mom having limited visitation rights!

    • Anonymous

      …….. as if that would be in the best interest of precious little Nahla. None of us know what lead to the break down of their relationship. For all we know, Gabe did something horrible, and maybe he didn’t. We just don’t know. I think that the judge won’t allow Nahla to be relocated, because it wouldn’t be fair to Gabe, and I hope that IF both parents are investigated thoroughly, the judge will grant both parents equal (or 60/40?) custody rights.

      Not sure how true it is or isn’t, but….. Gabe was raised in and out of foster care homes while growing up, so he very well could have psychological issues of his own, aside from Halle’s often mentioned issues.

      Either way, I hope only the best for Nahla, it’s obvious that BOTH of her parents love her to death, and she very obviously loves them just as much.

      I hope that Halle and Gabe work this out. And I’m still saddend that they weren’t able to reconcile. I held out hope for a while, and was looking forward to their marriage, and possible a little Gabe jr.

      (I know, I know,……. get a life girl!)

      • Anonymous

        Halle has to be very careful because she has a dangerous stalker and lives in fear of him as he has already broken into her home. If she moved to France what harm could it do since neither Gabe nor Olivier are American. Halle would be making the biggest sacrifice moving overseas to start anew. She has to go where she feels safe and not stalked by the Paps or a deranged fan.

  2. Anonymous

    Nahla is such a beautiful little girl!

  3. Anonymous

    she always looks so happy with her dad
    Hallie has many issues in her life namely with the men in her life

  4. Anonymous

    Fathers are given the short end of the stick in custody cases. I imagine the Judge will allow the move to accommodate the mother, in this case one who puts her current man before the best interests of her child. You see it all the time, kids taking a back seat when mom finds a new man.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it does happen all the time, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know too many people who fight over custody, so I don’t have a clue.

      The point is YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE PEOPLE. How can you make such judgements of complete strangers and the judge to boot?!?

  5. Anonymous

    Nahla is a super gorgeous child and very much like Gabriel.

  6. nicoleC

    i wish Gabriel can take care of Nahla forever! maybe share custody with halle 5050?
    Nahla is super adorable

  7. Anonymous

    It is so clear, she wants Gabriel out of their lives… so sad… he IS the FATHER!!!

  8. danny

    Halle has proven over and over that she is nuts and can’t stay in a healthy relationship with a man.

  9. CandaceJ

    It really baffels me that by a few pictures every now and then of this man with his daughter you all have decided that he should have full custody of this child. It also makes me wonder what a relationship with a man has to do with Halle raising her child? I see pictures of the her with Halle and she looks equally as happy, ijs

    • Anonymous

      Well, on this website, there are a subset of hags who will rip apart everyone and anyone as if they KNOW something. Not having facts doesn’t stop anyone here. They think they know this family’s entire history…. from a few photos! Hysterical, ain’t it?!

  10. Mar

    How beautiful they are together … it shows that they love ♥ ♥

  11. Jody

    I used to think Halle Berry was so beautiful. Well not anymore. Now all I see is hatred. Isn’t it funny that hate can suck all the beauty right out of you.

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