Julian Lennon Concerned About Repeating John Lennon’s Life “Mistakes”

British musician Julian Lennon claims that he has postponed having children so he can be a better father once he decides to start a family. The 49-year-old photographer also says that he is trying not to repeat the same “mistakes” he feels his father – legendary The Beatles singer John Lennon – made when he had his children years ago.

“I didn’t want to follow certain things dad had done because dad’s mother died when he was 17 and so on,” Julian explains during an appearance on the British daytime show This Morning. “So I didn’t want to have children so early in life and I wanted to learn about life a little more … I didn’t want to make the same mistakes, basically.”

”One can only hope I’ve learned a little more and am a little wiser on that front,” he adds. “It was a different time for everybody.”

Julian – who was abandoned by his father at the age of five after his father and mother Cynthia Powell divorced- has collected Beatles memorabilia related to his father over the years, even publishing a book in 2010 titled Beatles Memorabilia: The Julian Lennon Collection. In doing so, Julian remains hopeful that he can one day share the personal tokens with his future child(ren).

”If I’m going to have a family I want to have things that belong to my family, that were part of history,” he shares. “Initially, I started collecting the more personal things that were related to me – postcards sent to me. At the time you don’t think things sent to you are going to be ‘memorabilia’ in later life.”

In other interviews, Julian has expressed feelings of neglect when his father had son Sean with Yoko Ono, claiming he felt emotionally abandoned and left out once Sean arrived.

“I remember thinking, when Dad gave up music for a couple of years to be with Sean, ‘Why couldn’t he do that with me?'” he reflects. “Those thoughts haunted me for a time.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I say Yoko has a lot to do with both of Johns son delaying having families

    • Lucy

      i don´t understand why you say that.
      people have a constant an historical problem with Yoko, and in this case, she isn´t the mother of Julian, she is the mother of sean.
      so i would like to know what´s your point on blaming Yoko with both john sons delaying having families, please

      • Anonymous

        Yoko is Julian’s stepmother and she has treated him quite poorly. She did not settle John’s estate & Julian’s inheritance without a fight and she withheld from him, John’s personal possessions that would be of sentimental value to him, preferring to auction them off for profit. Julian has spoken about this in interviews – using his own money to buy the postcards & letters he sent his father over the years from Yoko at auction when she auctioned off John’s personal possessions.

  2. Anon

    I feel so sorry for him.. obviously his father traumatized him, it’s not much different than abandonment. I can’t blame him for being scared of starting his own family. I hope he does find someone to share his life with even if it doesn’t involve children.

  3. Anonymous9

    He always seems kind of sweet. I feel badly for him that he was essentially abandoned and worries so much about being different from his own father. That’s a sad thing at any age.

  4. Anonymous

    Why “mistakes” instead of mistakes, directly? You don’t think he made any?

  5. annberly71

    This guy is so incredibly well-balanced for all he’s been through. Yoko Ono is such a devious person. Having to buy back postcards and letters sent between a person and their father is just beyond reprehensible. Thank god, Cynthia was such a good person. He has pretty much kept his cool about most things that happened but I am glad he has spoken out on a few occasions to dispel the myth that John Lennon was such a great guy. People have turned him into some sort of deity and it is such a joke. Good for you, Julian, for seeing through the b.s. and coming out the other side. His new album rocks, too.

  6. Anonymunch

    Wish John’s assassin killed Yoko instead

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